Door Surround Kits

Fypon door surround kits add a distinguished look to any façade. Fypon door surrounds, made from polyurethane, offer more continuity and accuracy with standard urethane pieces. No fabrication is necessary for Fypon door surrounds, meaning no wasted time or materials. Fypon door surrounds are available in multiple crosshead and pilaster selections to fit most projects, and each is created specifically for the job.

  • Easy installation - no need for a finish carpenter
  • Pilasters and crossheads come in a variety and styles to fit any door.
  • Kits are available for single and double doors and doors with sidelites

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Pilasters Crossheads

Fypon surround advantages vs. wood


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Total Cost:
Install Hours:
1 hour
4.5 Hours

Pilasters | Columns framing the sides of the door

  1. Fluted Pilaster

    Fluted: Includes vertical grooves for a classic, Victorian look

    Available in 5”, 7” and 8” widths
  2. Plain Pilaster

    Plain: Simple flat design for arts and crafts or cottage style homes.

    Available in 5”, 7” and 8” widths

Crossheads | the mantle spanning the top of the door

With Keystone: Crosshead is embellished with a large accent block, creating a focal point for the door

  1. 4.5 foot Crosshead with Keystone

    4 ½” Crosshead with Keystone

  2. 6 foot Crosshead with Keystone

    6” Crosshead with Keystone

  3. 9 foot Crosshead with Keystone

    9” Crosshead with Keystone

  4. 12 foot Crosshead with Keystone

    12” Crosshead with Keystone

Without Keystone: The Plain Crosshead offers a design element that creates a more subtle look

  1. 6 foot Plain Crosshead

    6” Crosshead Height

  2. 9 foot Plain Crosshead

    9” Crosshead Height

  3. 12 foot Plain Crosshead

    12” Crosshead Height

Working With Fypon

Fypon gives design and construction professionals an edge over all other interior and exterior design building materials – from idea to installation.

From one leader to another, building professionals trust Fypon to deliver on the jobsite and to the bottom line. Fypon provides architects and builders with custom drawings and marketing support for blue prints and model homes. We also provide an industry first quote package program with quantity pricing and installation support from master craftsmen.