Woodgrain Beams

Fypon woodgrain beams are so realistic that it is hard to distinguish them from a real wood beam. There are four woodgrain beam styles that allow homeowners to fit their personal taste and décor. Fypon’s woodgrain beams are produced from lightweight polyurethane that make it easy to install.

Now, with our new Mesa Beam Top Cap, you can more easily create a custom ceiling truss system using Fypon standard beam products. In addition, our new end caps, fit all of our beam styles and sizes, and provide options for many different beam applications. Unlike heavy timber pieces, lightweight Fypon polyurethane woodgrain beams, straps, plates, and now Mesa beam top caps and end caps are easily installed in vaulted ceiling areas. All beam products come factory-primed and are ready for stain or paint.

  • Beams are offered in four unique styles to match a range of home types; Rough Sawn, Mesa, Tahoe, and Hand Hewn. Each is designed to mimic a realistic wood texture.
  • Beams are available in a variety of lengths ranging from minimum 8' to 24', in 2' increments.
  • For that added look of distinction, Mesa beam tops are available for our 6”x8” and 8”x10” beams and help you seamlessly add a truss system to your home
  • For a final touch, our beam end caps complement any of our four beam styles, for a complete and beautiful way to showcase any room in your home

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Fypon beam advantages vs. wood

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Wood Beams

  1. Easy install; approx. 5-7 times lighter than wood, less labor required
  2. Heavy, requires additional labor to install
  1. 6"x8" price per foot = $24
  2. 6"x8" price per foot save $16 per foot
  1. Will not warp, crack, or split
  2. Allows for expansion/ contraction
  1. More styles available in numerous sizes in all markets
  2. Wood species available in limited sizes and not in all markets
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  1. Rough Sawn Woodgrain Polyurethane Beam

    Rough Sawn

    Refined beam style that mimics wood cut with a circular blade for soft, subtle look
  2. Hand Hewn Woodgrain Polyurethane Beam

    Hand Hewn

    Heavy adz marks that depict the artistic shaping of a beam
  3. Tahoe Woodgrain Polyurethane Beam


    Deep pockets within the grain where it appears to have been chopped by hand
  4. Mesa Woodgrain Polyurethane Beam


    Deep grain that replicates a slightly distressed redwood beam
    Mesa Beam Tops

    Mesa Beam Tops

    Mesa beam tops can help you seamlessly add a truss system to your home


  1. Beam Plates

    Beams plates mimic the look of time worn plates, offering a rustic touch to decorative beams. They are available in a Smooth or Hammered texture, functional in hiding a seam (two beams joined together) or offering a great finish where a beam meets a wall.

    Smooth texture beam plates
    Smooth texture
    Beam plate has a smooth texture, painted black on both sides. Two plates provided, one front with bolts and back with nuts, simulating a beam plate that supports two beams joined together.
    Hammered texture beam plates
    Hammered texture
    Beam plate replicates a forged iron plate that was hammered by a local blacksmith. Two plates provided, one front with bolts and back with nuts, simulating a beam plate that supports two beams joined together.
  2. Beam Straps

    Our faux beam straps are another design choice that offer the opportunity to hide a seam or finish the beam to the ceiling. Beam straps add to the uniqueness and realism of our beam design. Our beam straps have the nuts and bolts molded directly into the plates.

    Smooth texture beam straps
    Smooth texture
    A smooth texture painted black with molded bolts spaced symmetrically.
    Hammered texture beam straps
    Hammered texture
    A hammered texture painted black that depicts the look of an old fashion beam strap with symmetrically placed bolts.

Large Beam Plates

Large Beam Plates

36” x 36” and 48” x 48” available in Smooth and Hammered Texture can be cut to fit any style beam. Nuts and Bolts are not molded into the plates, but ship with plates and can be placed appropriately based on plate size.

Beam End Caps

Beam Top & End Caps

End caps can be used to close off beams that are part of a truss system.

Create an Amazing Truss System with Fypon Beams, Beam Tops and End Caps

Use any of our four beam styles to create a custom, one-of-kind Truss System that add beauty and distinction to any home. Fypon beams can be used to create non-load bearing custom truss systems without the need for extra support and typical labor required for wood applications. And now we make it even easier for our most popular beam style, Mesa, by providing a top cap available in 6" x 8" and 8" x 10" sizing. To complete a closed end for any of our beam styles, add our new beam end cap. You will not be able to tell it's not real wood!

Interior Home Truss System with Fypon Beams Interior Home Truss System with Fypon Beams

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