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Fypon offers the variety of moulding and millwork needed for any building job, big or small. Whether builders and contractors are looking for the perfect finishing touch, or architects are looking for a decorative product to put in a spec, Fypon has the fit for you. Fypon polyurethane products are easy-to-install, low maintenance and designed to save money by reducing labor.

Learn more about each of Fypon's product categories:


Fypon Beams

Fypon offers four styles of lightweight, low maintenance woodgrain style beams in a variety of lengths. Use them as standard beams or a truss system using products like end caps and top caps. View Fypon’s beam products.

Door Surrounds

Fypon Door Surrounds

Polyurethane, easy-to-install door surrounds are the easy way to create beautiful curb appeal. Choose between several crossheads and pilasters to match any style of home. View Fypon’s door surround products.


Fypon Shutters

Add smooth or woodgrain shutters for the finishing touch on a home, adding hinges and clavos for a finished look. Fypon’s polyurethane shutters are low maintenance and will not warp, crack or split when exposed to the elements. View Fypon’s shutter products.

Window & Door Trim

Fypon Window and Door Trim

Fypon’s polyurethane trim can add beauty to any interior or exterior. Offered as traditional trim, these products can be used on windows and doors and are offered in smooth, timber and stone profiles. View Fypon’s window and door trim products.


Fypon Mouldings

Fypon’s several styles of polyurethane moulding includes crown, dentil, cornice, chair rail and more. Select the perfect fit for any style home, then easily install for a finished look and low maintenance after install. View Fypon’s moulding products.

Decorative Millwork

Fypon Decorative Millwork

Add those final touches to a home or building with Fypon’s polyurethane decorative millwork. Brackets, corbels and ceiling medallions are an easy addition to a home to finish off a look or style. View Fypon’s decorative millwork products.

Louvers & Gable Vents

Fypon Louvers and Gable Vents

Choose from Fypon’s low maintenance decorative or functional louvers or gable vents for a current job. Both are easy-to-install and can be painted or stained to match an exterior. View Fypon’s louvers and gable vents.

Balustrade Systems

Fypon Balustrade Systems

Fypon’s balustrade systems create a beautiful, low maintenance outdoor space. Available in a variety of styles with all the parts you need, Fypon’s balustrade systems are easy-to-install. View Fypon’s balustrade system products.

PVC Column Wraps

Fypon PVC Column Wraps

Made from PVC, Fypon’s column wraps can easily be installed over existing support systems for an impressive finishing touch on a home or building. The column wraps are easy-to-install and come with all the parts needed. View Fypon’s PVC column wraps.

QuickRail Synthetic Railing System

Fypon QuickRail Synthetic Railing System

Use Fypon’s QuickRail Synthetic System to quickly and easily install new railings on a home. Made from PVC, the railing systems are low maintenance, and resistant to decay and warping in the weather. View Fypon’s QuickRail System information.

Custom Products

Fypon offers customers a specialized digital project takeoff to easily recommend products for a project. Also available is Fypon’s custom capabilities to determine what custom profiles will be needed for a project. Learn more about these services.