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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Fypon products? Check out our list of frequently asked questions. You can browse the full list of questions or jump to your area of interest by using the category links to the right.

If your question isn't answered here, contact customer service at 800.446.3040 or drop us an e-mail.

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  1. Buying Products

    Where can I buy Fypon products?
    Fypon products are available nationwide. Visit our online Dealer Locator or call 1-800-446-3040 to be linked up with the closest Fypon dealer to you. If you would like to become a Fypon distributor, visit our Becoming a Distributor section.
    Can I buy direct from the company/manufacturer?
    No. All product sales go through dealers in your area. To locate a dealer in your area, visit our online Dealer Locator or call 1-800-446-3040. If you would like to become a Fypon distributor, visit our Becoming a Distributor section.
    How much do the Fypon products cost?
    Fypon establishes list prices on our products and our individual dealers set retail prices for the Fypon products they offer. Please check with your local Fypon dealer for retail pricing.
    What is the warranty for these products?
    Our products have a lifetime limited warranty for homeowners and a 4 year commercial limited warranty. See your Fypon seller or our warranty page for complete limited warranty details and exceptions.
  2. Educational Information

    What are Fypon products made of?
    A man-made product created by carefully mixing resins, stabilizers, fortifiers, pigments, impact modifiers and ultraviolet inhibitors in an extrusion process. A blowing agent is added to the vigrin PVC, along with some reclaimed virgin PVC, to create PVC foam. Cellular PVC foam is a thermoplastic material, which means there is a definite melting range normally associated with the base resin in the matrix.
    Polyurethane foam is a polymer consisting of a chain of organic units joined by polyurethane links. This is a thermoset material, meaning that once the reaction has taken place to form the polymer, it can't be converted back to its original components. Due to this fact, polyurethane foam will not melt at extreme temperatures.
    Is polyurethane some type of polystyrene foam?
    No. The durable Fypon products are high-density polyurethane products, unlike the soft nature of polystyrene foam products. Polyurethane has the look and feel of wood.
    How are Fypon products made?
    Made by adding a blowing agent to the polyvinyl chloride to create a closed cell structure. The combining process differences are what make the PVC competitive materials differ. Unlike other extruders, Fypon blends their own formulation of resin, stabilizers, impact modifiers, and ultraviolet radiation inhibitors. This ensures Fypon has the highest quality of PVC foam.
    Mainly, isocyanate and resin are mixed to create polyurethane. This is a thermogenic reaction. The compounds foam and expand. The polyurethane is kept under pressure in a mold as it expands to any desired shape.
    Will these products melt in high temperatures?
    All products, including wood and steel, will melt if the temperature is hot enough. However, Fypon products will not melt under normal use conditions. We recommend following all Fypon painting instructions to ensure top performance of the product.
    Extreme temperatures can take a toll on PVC trim, potentially leading to expansion and contraction of products. Special consideration should be given throughout the duration of installation. Areas susceptible to solar temperature buildup, such as behind storm doors, should always be avoided when installing PVC trim.
    These mouldings are somewhat temperature sensitive, as are all organic materials. We recommend over-cutting decorative mouldings by 1/4" per 10' of length (spring fitting the moulding as tightly as possible).
    What styles of polyurethane are there?
    Our polyurethane decorative millwork and trim deliver the beautiful, authentic details and rich textures of finely finished wood, rugged timber, and classic stone accents.
    What are its best uses for the building industry?
    Fypon products are the perfect material for homeowners exterior or interior trim. They are a lightweight material that is easy to work with. Its closed cell structure resists water absorption. this helps prevent the material from splitting, flaking, chipping, or bloating.
    Free foam PVC has a solid, consistent structure from surface through the core. This characteristic makes it perfect for fabrication and field cuts. Sealing the cut edge is not necessary to protect the product. In addition, this process also prohibits mushrooming of the product when secured with screws, unlike the celuka process. The free foam process also cuts smooth where the celuka PVC can chip when cut.
    Due to the ability to mold the material, decorative trims with detailed designs are easy to produce. Large moulding profiles can be made out of one piece of polyurethane, instead of layering wood to create the same look. This saves on labor and time.
    How does polyurethane compare to polypropylene?
    Polyurethane has an authentic wood appearance and can be moulded to resemble actual wood grain. Once the product is stained, it is difficult to tell if it is wood or polyurethane. Polypropylene has a finish that gives it a slight shine and usually is not solid through the piece. Polypropylene is also a thermoplastic polymer and can warp with intense heat.
    How do I prevent UV fading/deterioration?
    UV rays to not affect properly finished product. Please see Product Usage and Finishing below for the type of product that you are purchasing to be certain you are finishing your product to specifications.
  3. Installation Information

    What type of skills are needed to install Fypon polyurethane products?
    None. If you can install wood products, you can easily install Fypon products. They can be nailed, cut and sanded just like wood products.
    Are special supplies needed to install polyurethane products?
    Yes. We recommend using noncorrosive fasteners along with polyurethane compatible adhesive. The adhesive is recommended to place between decorative moulding joints and to secure the fypon piece to the wall along with mechanical fasteners.
    What are some general tips about installing polyurethane products:
    Never install products with fasteners only. For best results, always use noncorrosive fasteners along with Polyurethane compatible adhesive on the back and at all decorative moulding joints.
    What type of weather conditions are necessary to install exterior Fypon products?
    Since PVC boards expand and contract with the weather, no predrilling or countersinking is necessary if the trim is installed when the temperature is over 40 degrees Fahrenheit. For conditions under 40 degrees, predrill and countersink prior to fastening or the board may split.
    For exterior applications, polyurethane products can be installed in any temperature, hot or cold, and in any kind of weather.
    Anything special I should know about storing Fypon products?
    It is recommended to store on a flat, level surface. Like some soft woods, the product tends to conform to the surface on which it is stored for long periods of time at mid to high temperatures.
    These products can be stored either inside or outside, but not in extreme heat. Products should be stored as it is intended to be installed. For optimum use, polyurethane compatible adhesive should be stored at room temperature until ready to use. Acclimate polyurethane products before installation up to 10 hours.
    How can Fypon products be cut and fabricated?
    PVC trim by Fypon can be ripped to size with a table saw or circular saw using a blade designed for wood or plastic. Shaped edges can be machined with a hand router. No special equipment or saws required.
    In many cases, we can alter one or more standard parts that closely match your requirements to create a part that fits your project specifications. If your project requires a shape, size or profile that you do not see, we have the design and production capabilities to turn your sketch and dimensions into almost any millwork or trim product imaginable.
    How difficult is it to maintain and repair PVC once it's installed?
    Not difficult at all. PVC is considered a low maintenance product and its surface can be easily cleaned with soap and water. If PVC gets a minor nick, scratch or dent in it, repair can be done easily with Bond & Fill™ epoxy.
    What are the recommended fastening procedures for polyurethane and PVC?
    Please see installation instructions on our website for part specific recommended fastening procedures. Note that products should never be installed with fasteners that are susceptible to corrosion, and that proper use of glue and adhesives is crucial to correct installation.
    What if I use another fastening procedure for polyurethane and PVC?
    Fypon products must be installed to our recommendations, including use/type of adhesive and fasteners, or the limited warranty will be void. See your Fypon seller or our warranty page for complete limited warranty details and exceptions.
    Is there a recommended procedure for site damage repair?
    Structural PVC parts should not be repaired due to the possibility of reducing the load carrying abilities of the part. Non-structural parts can be glued with cellular PVC bonding adhesive and minor blemishes can be filled with PVC compatible acrylic polyurethane sealant.
    Damaged parts can be repaired using a variety of PUR compatible adhesives, sealants, and fillers. Sand repaired area, prime, and paint to finish.
    Do you have part specific installation details?
    All installation instructions are posted on our installation guide page for your convenience.
    Do you have installation details for various wall types?
    These instructions can be found on our installation guide page under Polyurethane Millwork.
    Where can I get some extra help on installation?
    You may find the information you need in our online installation guides. If you still need additional assistance, call our Technical Representatives at Fypon between 8am and 5pm EST, Monday through Friday, at 1-800-446-3040.
  4. Product Specifications

    Which LEED certification categories would lend themselves to Fypon?
    At this time, the use of Fypon® products does not usually qualify for LEED points. In some circumstances, some Fypon PVC products may meet LEED specifications under the regional materials category. Please refer to your LEED certification program to identify the specific criteria applicable to your project.
    What is the thermal expansion of Fypon polyurethane and PVC?
    Please visit our online installation guides in which we recommend spacing requirements which account for thermal expansion.
    What is the density of Fypon products?
    Fypon’s PVC products have a core density between 32 - 43 pounds per cubic foot, similar to hickory, and have the same working characteristics as white pine.
    With a core density of 10 - 22 pounds per cubic foot, similar to that of white pine, our process provides a greater skin density than core density.
    Does polyurethane or PVC pass ASTM 84 class A or B?
    Our PVC product has been tested to ASTM E84 and meets class A.
    This has not been tested to astm e84 at the present time.
    Are there any flammability tests that would apply to either product?
    Test method ASTM E84 (2012) test for surface burning characteristics of building materials. Flame spread index – 15; smoke developed index – 800
    Test method: UL723 (2010), test for surface burning characteristics of building materials. Flame spread index - 330; smoke developed index - 800
    What products are intended for structural purposes?
    Fypon offers columns and porch posts for a variety of load bearing applications. Please refer to the Fypon product catalog for product specifications, including load bearing limitations.
    Do you have a complete drag & drop CAD program for download?
    CAD files can be downloaded on our e-catalog site in either .dwg or .dxf file formats. If you do not see the file that you need online, please contact customer service at 800.446.3040.
  5. Product Benefits

    What type of maintenance is needed to keep Fypon products looking good?
    Very little, if painted with a quality exterior-grade latex paint. Fypon products are all low maintenance millwork products, making them ideal for both the interior and exterior of the home.
    I have wood trim outside my house that's been infested with termites. If I replace it with Fypon products, will the same thing happen again?
    No. Fypon products are very different than wood products. They are closed cell structures, making them resistant to insects.
    My house is located in a high moisture area on the coast, so the outside products tend to decay with salt spray and fog. Will this happen with the Fypon products?
    No. Fypon products have a closed cell structure making them resistant to moisture. This makes the product ideal for all types of weather conditions, including high humidity and coastal areas. They resist rotting, warping, cracking, chipping and peeling.
  6. Product Literature

    What type of literature is available on Fypon?
    Fypon offers full line polyurethane, PVC and stone and timber catalogs for your convenience. Please submit a literature request form or call 1.800.446.3040.
  7. Product Usage and Finishing

    Why or how do people use Fypon products?
    Fypon products add character and beauty to both the interior and exterior of homes. Many homeowners use the exterior products to add “curb appeal” to their homes and make them more attractive. On the inside of a home, people use mouldings, ceiling medallions and wall niches to upgrade the look of different rooms. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, Fypon products are lightweight and easier to install than wood, plaster and other moulding products --- making it a top selection of both building professionals and consumers.
    What types of products are in the Fypon line?
    There are thousands of pieces in the Fypon products line. Generally, the products fall into the following categories: decorative millwork, mouldings, window trim, entrance trim, eave vents, balustrade systems, columns/column wraps, louvers and Quick rail® systems. See the full online Fypon catalog.
    Do the products come primed and ready for final finishing?
    Yes. Fypon products come double-primed with an exterior grade coating.
    The surface has a consistent quality and finish that never needs painting - no sanding, priming or sealing. These products may be painted to achieve desired color but is not required. Since PVC is a thermoplastic polymer, it must be painted with a paint that has a light reflectance value (LRV) of 55% or higher. There are many special formulated paint systems that will allow dark paint colors to be applied to PVC with low heat absorption.
    The pre-primed surface is ready to stain or paint - no sanding or additional priming needed. The product should be painted with a high quality latex paint. Pieces can be painted any color the homeowner desires, and can also be faux painted and marbleized for more decorative looks.
    What finish coat material should be used?
    May be painted, if desired, but is not required. When painting PVC, a paint that has a light reflectance value (LRV) of 55% or higher must be used and Fypon’s painting instructions must be followed or the limited warranty will be void. See your Fypon seller or our warranty page for complete limited warranty details and exceptions.
    Comes pre-primed and ready to paint or stain on smooth surfaces, as well as stone and timber textures. In order to meet limited warranty guidelines, the product must be properly painted or stained and exterior product must be painted with an exterior grade 100% acrylic latex paint. See your Fypon seller or our warranty page for complete limited warranty details and exceptions.
    Products should never be painted, to do so will void the product’s lifetime limited or 4 year commercial limited warranties. See your Fypon seller or our warranty page for complete limited warranty details and exceptions.
    Will you recommend a paint manufacturer?
    To better service our customers, we have worked with Sherwin-Williams to formulate a color and sheen match for our factory-applied primer.
    Fypon® Oatmeal:
    Resilience™ exterior latex
    Product #K43W53
    Sheen: satin
    Base: deep base
    Fypon® White:
    Resilience™ exterior latex
    Product #K42W51
    Sheen: flat
    Base: extra white
    No colorant needs to be added to the formula. Quart and gallon formulas are shown below:
    Quart formula
    white 4/32, 1/64
    black 7/32, 1/64, 1/128
    maroon 4/32
    deep gold 15/32, 1/64, 1/128
    Gallon formula
    white 18/32
    black 7/32, 1/64, 1/128
    maroon 15/32, 1/64
    deep gold 63, 32
    How often should it be painted?
    How often a product should be painted is determined by paint and application. Please contact your local paint supplier for more details on painting specifications.
    What if I want a woodgrain look to my mouldings?
    Fypon offers an assortment of mouldings and louvers with a woodgrain pattern and texture molded into the product. The homeowner can then stain the product to match his or her color scheme.
    Are Fypon products just decorative?
    No. Several Fypon products also serve functional purposes. We have a variety of functioning louvers and our patented E-Vent™ systems that increase air flow in the attic of the home, square and round load-bearing structural columns, and structural porch posts for interior and exterior rail systems.
    Where can I get more information of Fypon's products?
    Call 1.800.446.3040 or visit our products section.