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  1. Mediterranean

    Identifying Features:

    • Low pitched, red tile roofs with shallow overhangs
    • Stucco walls and chimney
    • Towers with a round or square shape
    • Open or roofed balconies with railings
    • Arched, wind-wall double-sash doors, frequently opening onto balconies or patios

    Take a look at a Mediterranean home, and it’s easy to see how a blend of Spanish, Greek and Italian styles has influenced its design. These homes are known for having low-pitched, tile-covered roofs and stucco walls. The arched entrances often feature decorative accents around the door, such as pilasters, spiral columns, tile or stone.

  2. The interior layout and decor are inspired by the idea that a Mediterranean home is designed around lush gardens, courtyards, and ornate fountains. Interiors often feature arched doorways, high ceilings with exposed beams, and open floor plans.