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Fypon Ad Planner

Welcome to the Fypon Ad Planner. This online tool is designed to provide easy-to-use resources to help our distributors create compelling advertising and marketing materials featuring Fypon products.

  • Brand Guidelines, Logos & Online Link Agreement: Capture the customers' eye with engaging Fypon branding and logos. Download and complete the instructions for our online link and logo usage and return to Fypon. Learn the proper guidelines for implementing Fypon trademarks, logos, colors and fonts into marketing materials and download Fypon logos – available as JPG and EPS files – to promote Fypon brand awareness in an appealing, attractive light.
  • Image Library: Attract potential customers to the expansive Fypon product line with a stylish showcase of beauty shots and product photography. Divided into Polyurethane and QuickRail/Column Wraps product categories, our expansive image library features an array of alluring images that capture the essence of Fypon products – available as high- and low-res JPG files to suit your project needs. Note: One product image may be used to represent multiple part numbers, as shown in our catalogs. To download line art, please visit our eCatalog.
  • Advertising Elements: In the new age of print and digital marketing, conveying a crisp, clear message that mesmerizes the masses can be a complicated task. Our attractive advertising elements are designed to entice, engage and excite customers about Fypon polyurethane products. With an array of customizable components, our advertising elements are specially designed to cater to your customers' specific wants and needs.

    • Digital and Print Advertising: Digital and Print Advertising: Engage customers with digital or print ads that focus on our polyurethane beams, shutters or door surrounds. These ads can be used in printed materials or on line. Choose from low-res files for viewing and high-res files for printing.
    • Marketing Messages: Our compilation of product features and benefits can easily be incorporated into your company’s marketing collateral, serving as an effective, engaging communication channel to your customers. This comprehensive PDF features a bulleted format to help you convey core messages to consumers in a compelling, concise format.
    • On-Hold Messaging: Educate your customers by providing valuable insight into Fypon’s core product lines with influential on-hold messaging. Included in this PDF are engaging 15-second scripts on the Fypon brand – as well as the polyurethane and Timber & Stone product lines – to help entertain consumers as they await your company’s service.

If you need additional assistance, please contact your Fypon representative.

License Agreement: By using this data, you indicate your intent to comply with this agreement. The database acquired by your company from Fypon and its parent company Therma-Tru Corp. in digital format is to be used exclusively by our company for marketing purposes. Specifically, your company agrees not to resell the data, nor publish the data in any form, nor make the data available to any subsidiary, parent company or other individual, nor use the data to make a derivative work. Should you and your company forward the database to a third party for design purposes, you shall obtain from the third party an agreement that they will not retain, resell or use the data in any other way other than to represent Fypon products.