Finding CAD Files

We appreciate your patience while we work to develop FyponCAD 2011. In the interim, you may download individual .dwg files from our eCatalog.

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FyponCAD 2011 Coming Soon!

FyponCAD is a searchable DWG file library that provides architects with an easy way to incorporate Fypon products into blueprints and house plans. We are currently working to develop the newest version of FyponCAD, which will be available March 2011.

If you would like to be notified when the new program is available, please click here to register with us to recieve updates and important information.

NEW for FyponCAD 2011

The new program will continue to offer the same functionality as FyponCAD 2008, but will now include products from our PVC Trim, Column Wraps, and QuickRail product lines, as well as our new Rustic stone and woodgrain textured products.

Search Fypon Products

The FyponCAD Search Window allows you to search for Fypon products by style, size or product category, with elevation and profile previews, making it easy to find exactly what you are looking for in a matter of seconds.

Copy Drawing Files

Copy groups of drawings or individual files for sharing or for use in any drawing program that supports the .dwg file format.

Insert and Label (AutoCAD users only)

Launch AutoCAD, insert a Fypon product into your drawing, and label the Fypon products in your drawing, all from the FyponCAD Search Window. (For users without a licensed, supported version of AutoCAD, the Launch, Insert and Label functions will not be available.)

Once you have installed FyponCAD, you can register with us to recieve updates and important information.