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Window and Door Trim

Material Type
Product Type
Crossheads, pediments, pilasters, trim, window panels, entrance trim, keystones, timber crossheads, timber trim, stone entrance trim, stone blocks, stone accessories
Basic product information
Easy installation, exterior or interior, paint or stain to fit any style

Window and Door Trim Product Overview

Fypon offers a wide range of styles and sizes of window and door trim to take the look of a home from ordinary to extraordinary. From pilasters, pediments and crossheads, to arches and panels, Fypon’s architectural options enhance a home’s design.

The window and door trim is made from polyurethane, meaning it is lightweight and does not need special tools for the installation process. The trim is resistant to insects, and is ideal for moisture-prone areas in a home.

Door Surround Kits create an exceptional entryway, adding curb appeal and more perceived value to the home. Ordering is now easier, order one part instead of three or four, with a quick install make this an easy decision.

For the exterior of a home, use Fypon’s crossheads, pediments, pilasters and trim to add that extra touch of style to any type of home, whether it is Classic or Arts & Crafts. Crossheads are available in several sizes including narrow, craftsman or arch, to fit all your needs. Pediments are a decorative trim that can draw the eye immediately. With styles like sunburst, spoked and peaked, houses have a more refined look. Also available in low maintenance polyurethane are an acorn pediment or rams head pediment that bring in authentic colonial style. Pilasters finish off the side of the doors or windows with a more refined and finished look.

Fypon’s trim can be used to create a customized window from the simplest to the most elegant styles. Fypon also offers timber and stone trim to enhance the curb appeal of a home. With easy installation and low maintenance materials, add trim to any door or window in a home.

Fypon also offers accessory items for homes like window panels, dormer trim systems and more. Add a keystone to a crosshead to create a more refined look and the perfect curb appeal.

Window and Door Trim Downloads

Why Choose Fypon?

Fypon is the first choice for building professionals. We have sales and support staff standing by to help ensure you deliver the best products for homeowners.

Installation: Factory primed. Use interior/exterior-grade, PUR compatible adhesives, sealers and fillers. Consult manufacturer's recommendations for particular climate and substrate information.