Material Type: Polyurethane
Product Type: Crown, dentil, decorative, cornice, smooth flat trim, brick, trim, casing, apron, chair rail, baseboard trim, bed, moulding accessories and timber flat trim
Basic Product Information: Moulding to fit any interior style, no unique tools needed for installation, low maintenance with the ability to stain or paint

Mouldings Product Overview

Fypon’s polyurethane moulding adds to a home’s character and comes in several sizes and styles. Our crown mouldings create the perfect classic look for a home, with easy installation using standard woodworking tools. All Fypon’s polyurethane products are made of high density materials, making them weather, moisture, warping, splitting and insect resistant.

Fypon offers almost every style of moulding you could need for a home including timber. The lightweight, low maintenance product is easy to install and comes in crown moulding, dentil moulding and cornice moulding. Moulding can be used on the interior and the exterior. Plus, accessory rosettes can be added to eliminate the need for patching to create smooth seams and avoid difficult mitered cuts.

Fypon offers matching trim to the moulding pieces to create a cohesive look throughout a room and home. Customers can purchase the matching trim, casing and apron. Creating a distinctive look, or room separation is important and products like chair rail, baseboard trim and bed moulding can create divisions between rooms but not close them off.

Made of high density materials, Fypon products have a closed cell structure that prevents water penetration and absorption. Each piece has a consistent quality and finish, which requires no additional priming. Each piece is coated at our manufacturing location with a double-primed exterior grade ultraviolet stable coating. Once products are installed, they can be painted, stained and faux finished. Whether you want a simple, elegant design or something more elaborate, a variety of styles, sizes and combinations allow you to create a look like no other.

Installation: Factory primed. Use interior/exterior-grade, PUR compatible adhesives, sealers and fillers. Consult manufacturer's recommendations for particular climate and substrate information.

Working With Fypon

Fypon gives design and construction professionals an edge over all other interior and exterior design building materials – from idea to installation.

From one leader to another, building professionals trust Fypon to deliver on the jobsite and to the bottom line. Fypon provides architects and builders with custom drawings and marketing support for blue prints and model homes. We also provide an industry first quote package program with quantity pricing and installation support from master craftsmen.