Louvers & Gable Vents

Material Type: Polyurethane
Product Type: Decorative and functional louvers and gable vents
Basic Product Information: In both functional and decorative uses, easy to install and can be painted or stained to match any exterior

Louvers & Gable Vents Product Overview

Louvers offer a variety of decorative uses whether you want a cathedral style, round, diamond, triangle or oval. Add the element of interest using either our smooth or grained options.

Fypon manufactures two types of louvers - decorative and functional. Decorative louvers have closed, non-ventilating slats that do not allow air to pass through. They are used for decorative purposes only, to accent exterior façade applications.

Functional louvers accent exterior applications, but also have open slats that allow for ventilation. Our functional louvers feature slats with angles to help protect interiors from precipitation, insects, dirt and other unwanted elements, yet provide the additional airflow needed to help reduce heat buildup. The inside of the functional louver has a non-corrosive screen that helps keep insects out, while allowing airflow between the slats. In addition, accessory pieces such as flat trim and keystones, add style and beauty, are available for most louver styles.

Louvers can be added to a home for decorative or functional use and are available in smooth or timber styles. They can be applied as trim with a keystone or brick mould. Fypon offers cathedral, eyebrow, peaked, half-round, oval, round, octagon, diamond, triangle and vertical styles.

Installation: Factory primed. Use interior/exterior-grade, PUR compatible adhesives, sealers and fillers. Consult manufacturer's recommendations for particular climate and substrate information.

Working With Fypon

Fypon gives design and construction professionals an edge over all other interior and exterior design building materials – from idea to installation.

From one leader to another, building professionals trust Fypon to deliver on the jobsite and to the bottom line. Fypon provides architects and builders with custom drawings and marketing support for blue prints and model homes. We also provide an industry first quote package program with quantity pricing and installation support from master craftsmen.