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Labor Saving Products

We know --- it’s all about time and money. And we want you to save both!

Many Fypon products are so fast and easy to install that you’ll save on job site labor costs. First of all, our products are lighter in weight than traditional wood and plaster products, so they’re easier to handle and install.

Secondly, Fypon has many products designed to save you labor & time on the job site. We manufacture one-piece built-up mouldings, some that reach almost 20-inches tall, so you don’t have to juggle several pieces of moulding to get a customized look. And, we have many styles to choose from to match any style of home.

Fypon's PVC QuickWrap Column Wraps cut installation time.

We also offer miterless crown moulding systems that add design and detail wihout the calculation of miter joints. Our two-piece ceiling medallions add style to existing lighting fixtures, and our E-vent systems make life easier when adding ventilation to attics.

Last but not least is our innovative column wrap.  The wrap is intended to allow it to be installed toward the end of the building cycle.  This keeps it out of harms way while construction is being completed. But, what is really a labor saver is the new design, which allows freedom around the structural pressured treated wood post to make positioning a breeze.  And, the exterior installation cleats are easy to reach making installation fast.

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