Project Takeoff

Do you have a print and you aren’t sure what product will best fit throughout the entire house, or simply do not have the time? Let us help. As a value add to you, we take your prints and using a specialized construction software, provide you with digitized takeoffs that make for easy ordering when you are ready to get your project started.

Send your construction print to and we will take it from there and give you cost effective product recommendations to complete your project.

Custom Capabilities

Fypon fabricator carefully applies a keystone to a decorative arch and flanker piece.

While we produce thousands of pieces of millwork to choose from, we realize that sometimes it's just not enough. Providing custom capabilities is just another way Fypon provides you with the right stuff.

  • Custom profiles can be created in order to consolidate different jobsite application processes to save you time, material, and money
  • Masters are created with the highest possible quality replication of your designs
  • Our state-of-the-art processes allow rapid prototyping and new product development
  • Detailed product drawings are provided to ensure we are making the product to your specifications

Fabricated Products

When a design is a slight variation of a current design, we can create a fabricated piece instead of a custom mould, saving you time. Fabricated products are made by modifying existing catalog items into special sizes or designs. These products ship within five working days for orders up to 30 pieces. Larger orders will be evaluated and may require custom moulding and extended lead time.

Custom Products

In the case that you need a custom designed product that cannot be fabricated, we can create and develop new masters and moulds, working with you to determine exact product specifications on new pieces, as well as lead times on an individual project basis. We can create truly unique new designs required for your project or replicate historical patterns to match a specific home style.

Requesting a Quote

To request a quote on a fabricated or custom part, a quote request form must be completed by an authorized Fypon distributor. Please visit our Online Dealer Locator or contact Customer Service at 800.446.3040 for a Fypon supplier in your area.