PVC Column Wraps

Material Type: PVC
Product Type: Column wraps
Basic Product Information: Easy to install over existing support system, can be painted using 100% acrylic paint with Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of 55% or higher

PVC Column Wraps Product Overview

Fypon’s PVC column wraps create a classic style with today’s demands. The column wraps are sold in a kit with everything needed to complete your project. Our two-piece design cuts down installation time and allows for more installation flexibility.

The product installs around the existing support structure, so if the structural post starts to twist, the column wrap will not. They also provide room around the support so that positioning adjustments can be made to align several columns. The wraps are available in several styles and sizes for both interior and exterior applications. Best of all, the durable PVC will not rot, chip or flake and is covered by a lifetime limited warranty.

The ProSelect Column Wrap captures a classic square design, semi-assembled in two flat panel L-shapes with Plain style cap and base. These unique column wraps feature installation cleats that are placed on the interior of the column, to easily position the column wrap around the support post.

The PremiumSelect Column Wrap is a traditional style that is also semi-assembled in two L-shapes that fit together effortlessly, while install cleats are positioned on the exterior of the column wrap. This allows for better positioning of the column wrap around the structural post. With the ability to position where necessary to ensure all columns in the project line up perfectly, the column wrap never comes in contact with the structural post, so it will never twist. Your column wraps will always look beautiful!

So, if you need to add a special touch to a new job or cover an existing eyesore, trust Fypon to have the right product for your next project. If you are unable to find exactly what you're looking for, Custom Columns are available. Fill out and email the Custom Quote Form to cps@fypon.com to receive a quote.

Installation: Use interior/exterior-grade, PVC compatible adhesives, sealers and fillers. Consult manufacturer's recommendations for particular climate and substrate information.

Working With Fypon

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From one leader to another, building professionals trust Fypon to deliver on the jobsite and to the bottom line. Fypon provides architects and builders with custom drawings and marketing support for blue prints and model homes. We also provide an industry first quote package program with quantity pricing and installation support from master craftsmen.