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Stunning Faux Details

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When is a picture worth a thousand words? When you see what design artist Lee Gamble can do with Fypon products!

Gamble, who operates her own company, Creative Surfaces and Designs in Colorado, specializes in interior design work and adding accent pieces to homes. For several recent projects she used her faux design artistry talents on polyurethane ceiling medallions, wall niches and decorative millwork items from Fypon.

“Probably every home project I’m involved in could use Fypon products," says Gamble. “Decorative mouldings and accent pieces add so much to older ‘bare bone box houses’ that were built in the 70s and 80s. The finishes I’m adding to Fypon pieces add the ‘WOW’ factor that homeowners are looking for especially with remodeling projects."

Gamble stresses that novice do-it-yourselfers can easily tackle faux finish projects of their own. “Start by looking on the Internet and in magazines for inspiration and ideas," says Gamble. “Try taking a decorative painting class at a local craft store and realize that your initial efforts will require some practice.

“Preparation is key. Make sure you select professional-grade paints and tools, have a well-lit work space and wear protective gloves, eye protection and respirators if needed. Once you start, choose your colors wisely. If you’re glazing, a dark glaze over a light background is very effective."

Other tips offered by Gamble to successfully faux finish pieces include:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s directions on products and don’t shortcut. Some paints need to dry many hours before you can add another paint layer.
  • Practice on scrap pieces of product to perfect your technique.
  • Keep written “recipes" of the paints and colors you use so you can duplicate efforts again in the future.
  • Seal pieces that will receive wear and tear. If your creation will be exposed to sunlight, use a sealer containing a UVA and UVB inhibitor.

Gamble recommends thinking “outside of the box" for uses of Fypon products with faux finishes. “Add a mirror to the inside of a ceiling medallion and you’ve created a great accent piece for the home," says Gamble. “Try using a decorated crosshead or pediment for a bed headboard or to enhance the entry into an interior room. Or, one of my favorite ideas is to hang the finished pieces in an arrangement on an entire wall as ‘found art’ to create a focal area in a room."

The brand name leader in the synthetic millwork industry, Fypon is part of consumer products company Fortune Brands, Inc. (NYSE: FO). Fypon manufactures more than 6,000 low maintenance and moulded millwork products. Each piece is made of tough, high performance materials that resist splintering, decaying, insect infestation, water penetration and absorption, for long lasting beauty and performance. For additional information, call 1-800-446-3040 or visit the company’s web site www.fypon.com.