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Ways to Transform a Room Using Decorative Millwork Pieces

Homeowners looking for ways to brighten up the look of their homes with fast do-it-yourself enhancements can find the answer to their decorating needs with Fypon products. Lightweight yet durable, the low-maintenance pieces are ideal for quick upgrade projects in every room of the home. Try any of the following fast and easy installations to transform the look of a room:

  1. Add dimension to ceilings with faux beams. Arrange lengthwise or in a criss-cross pattern to make the fifth wall of the room stand out.
  2. Surround an interior room divider with pilasters and a crosshead to make transitioning from one room to another a unique experience.
  3. Install carved leaf or grapevine brackets under kitchen countertops and shelves to add dimension and visual appeal to the room.
  4. Faux finish decorative crown moulding and add to the top of a room to draw attention higher in the room.
  5. Place a seashell wall niche in the wall in a foyer or bathroom to hold flowers, statues or framed photos.
  6. Add a two-piece ceiling medallion around the top of a light fixture or ceiling fan in less than 10 minutes. Interlocking pieces snap together quickly for fast results.
  7. Enhance the look of a dining room or entryway by installing a round or oval ceiling dome. The one-piece domes can be highlighted with accent lighting or specialty finishes.
  8. Upgrade your dining room by adding chair rail moulding about a third of the way up the wall and encircling the room. Paint or wallpaper below or above the rail to give the room a more elegant feeling.
  9. Install a set of pilasters on both sides of your shower stall and a door crosshead overhead to upgrade the look of your bathroom.
  10. Use window panels to surround a bathtub or whirlpool. No problem if the panels get wet because polyurethane products resist moisture.
  11. Surround mirrors in the master bedroom or bathroom with painted or stained polyurethane mouldings. Paint, faux finish or stain the moisture-resistant moldings.
  12. Install corbels to the top of cabinets to present a more finished look in your kitchen or bathroom.
  13. Create a unique window treatment by hanging a pair of brackets on either side of a window. Insert a dowel rod through the brackets and drape with fabric for a fast and easy decorative window treatment.
  14. Top off interior windows with a pediment above a window surround. Be bold and add a rams head, sunburst, peaked cap or acorn pediments!
  15. Accent geometric-shaped windows in the home with a one-piece trim surround. Enhance with a keystone at the top of the window.
  16. Jazz up your windows by adding stylized door/window head crossette trim to surround a window. Bump-out texture and design at the top of the window of this no-miter project makes the results outstanding.
  17. Block it up … with plinth blocks. To surround a window, make straight moulding cuts and then put plinth blocks in the corners. No mitering and your window has a new frame surround in less than 15 minutes.
  18. Add depth to your interior windows by placing window panels beneath a windowsill. Add moulding around the panel and the entire window for eye-popping results!
  19. Make a fast towel rack by drilling holes into the center of two brackets. Insert a painted dowel and you have an instant way to hang towels!
  20. Create customized shelves to house your knick knacks using moulding or PVC boards. Faux finish the pieces to make your collection stand out.
  21. Enhance the look of a formal library or home office by adding Acanthus Leaf moulding to the top of the room. The ceiling will quickly become a focal point with this decorative flow of flowers and leaves around the room.
  22. Marbelize or faux finish decorative columns and add them as feature accents in a room.
  23. Make an arrangement of lightweight louvers on a wall to serve as a decorative accent in the home. Use various styles (such as half rounds, vertical, triangles and octagons) with different stains and finishes for an eye-catching display.
  24. Duplicate a masterpiece. Select moulding and millwork for your home inspired by the Biltmore House in Asheville, N.C. The Biltmore Collection from Fypon includes entryway surrounds, domes, mouldings and decorative accents.
  25. Look up and trim down. Create vertical 3-D “stripes" on a bedroom wall using flat trim mouldings. Paint different colors between the strips or keep the entire room one color with a contrasting moulding stripe!
  26. Upgrade the look of a boring kitchen island by adding decorative brackets or corbels as accent pieces.
  27. Replace a worn-out handrail or banister in the home with mouldings or flat trim. Add decorative brackets or corbels beneath the new rail at regular intervals for a classy look.
  28. Arrange a collage of ceiling medallions on a wall for a decorative feature. Faux finish, paint and stain the medallions in a variety of unique colors.
  29. Add a one-piece fireplace mantel surround to an existing fireplace or create a faux fireplace area using these durable accent pieces.
  30. Break up a full mirror wall in a bedroom by adding straight lengths of moulding in interesting patterns. The mouldings will create a visual impact in the room.
  31. Use a one-piece square or cathedral louver trim piece to frame a favorite poster or painting. The trim can be painted or faux finished to accent the image inside.
  32. Add a keystone to the top of any interior room door to give an elegant look to the room.
  33. Use a window crosshead for a fast and easy shelf.
  34. Add a large sunburst window pediment half round above a bed to serve as a decorative headboard.
  35. Flank the window opening between two rooms (like a kitchen and family room) with a pair of polyurethane shutters. The lightweight shutters can be
    stained or painted to accent the walls.
  36. Place brightly-painted triangular, rectangle, circle and other geometric trim pieces on the walls in a child’s room to create a bold, visual look.
  37. Install raised window panels side-by-side on the wall in a room to create a unique wainscot look.
  38. Top off a standard bookshelf with an impressive combination acorn pediment to add style in any room.
  39. Add a scalloped moulding border to a child’s room to launch into a princess or medieval theme for the room.
  40. Accent a cherished collection of Art Deco paintings or artwork with deco mouldings around a room in bold geometric fashions.
  41. Replicate a farmhouse feeling by adding wagon wheel brackets to the upper areas of doorframes.
  42. Use crosshatch or square decorative panels made out of lightweight polyurethane to serve as see-through room dividers or “gates" to keep toys, pets and children separated from expensive knick-knacks.
  43. Since the pineapple is the universal sign of hospitality, add a decorative half-round or full round pineapple accent piece in the entryway to your home.
  44. If your home has Victorian décor, add decorative polyurethane spires to key areas, such as a porch, bedroom or family room areas. The spires add a whimsical, fun aspect to any room.
  45. Set off doorframes, window frames mirrors and other large pieces in the house with rosette appliques in various sizes and shapes. Available as small as three-inches, these decorative elements draw attention to any area of a room.
  46. Create a design for a backsplash using polyurethane applique tiles. Decorative and resistant to moisture, these 17-inch squares offer lots of detail and can be painted or faux finished.