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You saw it on Fixer Upper, now Recreate it with Fypon

HGTV’s Fixer Upper takes homes from drab to fab, offering ideas along the way that can be used in any home. Some of their best looks can be recreated using Fypon products — check them out!

Use of Beams

enter image description here

Here, Fixer Upper created a beautiful look in these homes that can easily be recreated using Fypon. Fypon’s polyurethane beams and beam tops can be used to create a truss system just like the one pictured above. The polyurethane material makes it extremely lightweight and easy to install. With a woodgrain texture, it has the look and feel of wood, but it doesn’t come with the same hassles including the additional structural support or additional labor needed to hang wood beams.

enter image description here

Fypon beams can also be used to recreate this mantel, along with decorative corbels. All products can be stained or painted to match your style.

Curb Appeal

enter image description here

Chip and Joanna renovated this Craftsman home from being the worst home on the street, to one of the most beautiful. Its curb appeal is impressive and Fypon can give your next project a similar look. The first step in recreating this look is to use a balustrade system to complete the porch. The next step is to add a door surround to the front door, and there are several crosshead and pilaster styles available to create any look.


enter image description here

Brackets are great pieces because they accent the interior and exterior of the home. In this creation, Chip and Joanna added a bracket in the corner of the interior doorway to accentuate the doorway and match the color scheme of the room. Fypon has brackets that can be used to match any room in the house by painting or staining them to complement the décor of the home. Use them how Fixer Upper did or get creative and add a new shelf in your office using the brackets.