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The House Designers Give Insight Into Latest House Design Trends

The interior and exterior preferences of buyers ebb and flow from year to year. Tammy Crosby, CEO of The House Designers, gave us her thoughts about what trends and additions they are seeing more and more today in house designs.

“Outdoor living areas are getting more consideration than they have in the recent past,” Crosby says. “Everything from simple covered porches to extravagant patio kitchens allow homeowners to extend their living spaces into the fresh air and enjoy their properties more completely.”

When asking about exterior specific features, Crosby says everyone loves a porch!

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“Whether it’s just about the look it gives a house or the owners want to kick back outside, owners love porches,” she explains. “A wraparound porch makes an amazing entertaining space, and our customers are particular about the specifics to ensure that theirs really complete their homes. Everything from rails to the perfect window trim and shutters set a porch apart, and people are paying attention and investing in the details.”

Fypon is an ideal partner in achieving that finished look. PVC Column Wraps, polyurethane balustrades and even beams are easy ways to create an outdoor oasis that’s as eye-catching as it is relaxing.

Since the beginning of the year, The House Designers have expanded their Craftsman plan offerings to fill a growing demand for that style. Crosby says that despite the intricate and rustic outward appearances, the blueprints have a flowing and modern interior layout that customers want.

“A home that flaunts traditional curb appeal and has a contemporary arrangement of space inside definitely represents the increasing appreciation for old-fashioned craftsmanship and informal living areas, which are the two biggest trends that have continued to grow over the last couple years.”

Homeowners continue to desire open floor plans with spacious great rooms and the kitchen being a focal point of the design with in-kitchen eating space, like a bar seating area. But, Crosby says she sees people going back to a contemporary style home.

“Craftsman and contemporary houses are polar opposites when it comes to exterior architecture but our customers definitely seem to be favoring the extremes this year!”

See an example of a home design that features a traditional curb appeal and contemporary arrangement.

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