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The Evolution of the Ceiling Medallion – Applications for Today’s Homes

While they draw from their 18th-and 19th-century roots, the modern-day ceiling medallion is now available to the average homeowner, who is finding new uses for the decorative staple.

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Originally made from plaster, ceiling medallions spiked in popularity among more affluent families and homes in the United States in the 1800s. Working in American plaster studios, ornamental plasterers from Europe brought their production and installation expertise stateside and eventually began opening their own shops.

Ceiling medallions were typically cast in multiple pieces offsite in hide glue or plaster molds and were then assembled and installed in the home or building. Today, you can get the same look with polyurethane, which is more affordable.

Select the Right Style

Ceiling medallions add a touch of character to an otherwise blank canvas, but don’t think you are limited to the ornate Victorian or Rococo styles — ceiling medallions are available in a variety of designs to match any home.

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In addition to more embellished medallions like the florals featured on Fypon’s Beaumont medallion, simpler options, including the Randolph and Nicolas styles, are available.

Beaumont Medallion Beaumont Medallion

Randolph Medallion Randolph Medallion

Nicolas Medallion Nicholas Medallion

Ceiling medallions can be used on their own or are frequently seen in combination with tray or coffered ceilings, cornices or other moulding for added elegance.

Get the Perfect Size

Equally important as style, is selecting the right size medallion for the space. A good rule of thumb is to divide the square footage of the room by seven to determine the ideal width of the ceiling medallion (in inches.) View a list of common room sizes and the corresponding recommended medallion size below.

Follow these suggestions to ensure your medallion doesn’t overpower or get lost in the space.

Ceiling Medallion Chart

Alternative Uses

No longer reserved for parlors, living rooms or even ceilings, homeowners today are finding unique applications for these decorative and versatile pieces.

Statement Doors

A plain door becomes a standout design feature with the addition of ceiling medallions around the door knobs.

Mirror and Wall Art

Ceiling medallions can also make great mirrors and wall accents. All Fypon products can be painted to match a room’s color scheme or given an aged, rustic, metallic or even cast-iron look.

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Bonus: they’re lightweight, which means they are extremely easy to hang and won’t damage your walls.

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Credit: MyFixItUpLife Website | Instagram

Average But Inspired Photo

Credit: Average But Inspired Website

See how Average But Inspired blogger Bre created this look.

Create a statement wall in your living space by using multiple sizes. If you don’t like the mirrored look, opt for a plain or colorful selection—even add a photo or two for a unique picture frame.

View our 2018 Decorative Millwork Catalog to see our one-piece and two-piece ceiling medallions styles or if you’re ready to add a medallion to your project, find a dealer to purchase today.