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CADdetails is an online database that delivers high-quality planning documents to architects, engineers, contractors and other design industry professionals throughout North America. It is the leading provider of manufacturer-specific building product information.

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Fypon is part of the CADdetails community, helping numerous architects achieve their project goals by offering 3D renderings of its most popular products such as door frames, window trim, exterior shutters and more.

For architects, gaining access to Fypon’s profile on CADdetails is simple. All that is needed is a valid email. Once the email is registered, the CADdetails community is open for architects and contractors to immediately browse Fypon’s product profile and find high-quality CAD drawings, 3D models, projects and download related documents for each of the products listed.

"Design professionals who visit are looking for an organized set of planning documents in an easy-to-use format," said Steve Trotter, Sr. Project Manager, CADdetails. "This includes 3D models, bim files, CAD drawings, specifications, brochures, videos and more.”

Using a product for the first time can be daunting, so Fypon and CADdetails work tirelessly to ensure the 3D models, CAD details and specifications are current, accurate and work in multiple formats. CADdetails is dedicated to organizing, enhancing and simplifying the design and procurement process, so it works hard to create the highest quality digital resources in a wide range of formats. All digital content is available for download, free of charge. All of the content housed on CADdetails meets or exceeds the highest industry standards.

“The CADdetails format is designed to ‘package’ related design content together in a consistent format, giving the designer exactly what they need to accurately specify products into their project plans,” said Trotter. “CADdetails also benefits thousands of building product manufacturers who are looking to get their products into plans early on in the design process."

If you’re already thinking of Fypon, get the added benefit of knowing the various polyurethane moulding and millwork products are going to work with your design by browsing Fypon’s profile on here.

-Emily Matlovich, writer for CADdetails’ blog Design Ideas for the Built World.