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Six Creative Ways to Incorporate Exposed Beams into Interior Designs

Often confined to ceilings, exposed beams are now being used in several unique ways to give any room industrial, rustic or farmhouse-style charm. The release of wood alternatives that are nearly indistinguishable from real wood, such as polyurethane, have made the look more accessible. Polyurethane faux wood beams are budget-friendly, easier to install and still give the appearance of salvaged wood.

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite alternative beam applications of Fypon’s lightweight polyurethane woodgrain beams.

Fireplace Mantel

Whether it’s a stone, brick, shiplap or traditional fireplace surround, a woodgrain beam can provide a cabin-like feel to make your interior or exterior space feel cozy, even when the fire isn’t blazing.

Fypon Beams Mantel

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This image features Fypon’s Hand Hewn 8” x 10” fireplace mantel and Rough Sawn 4” x 6” beam shelves.


In addition to providing storage or space to display keepsakes and photos, exposed beam shelving contributes to a room’s décor.

We’ve seen homeowners use beam shelving in their family and living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, above a bar space or even for extra bathroom storage above the toilet.

fypon beams shelf

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This image features Fypon’s Mesa 6” x 8” beams.

Light Fixtures

Make a statement with a room’s light fixture.

Wrap Edison light bulbs around a beam for a rustic-industrial look that becomes a focal point of your kitchen, dining or great room.

fypon beams light

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This image features Fypon’s Hand Hewn 8” x 10” beam.

fypon beams light

You can also install recessed or pendant lighting in the beam and hide the wiring within its hollow interior.

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This image features Fypon’s Hand Hewn 8” x 10” beam.

Commercial Applications

Make a notable first impression on customers or visitors with a lighted beam reception desk or entryway.

fypon beams desk


Frame a doorway to distinguish between two spaces, which can be especially useful in open-concept floor plans.

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Learn more about Fypon’s four woodgrain beam styles or find a dealer to get the looks pictured above.