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Q&A: Fypon Experts Answer Top Questions

Recently, Fypon’s sales team offered up the most common questions they get from customers and new prospects. Take a read through the list and see if they answered questions you’ve been wanting to ask!

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Q: When installing Fypon® products, what can you do and can’t you do?

A: This is a pretty general question, and could vary from product to product. Shawn Klysen, Territory Manager, said he likes to point out to customers looking into Fypon moulding, that it can be installed in long runs, unlike other materials. Plus, it can be finished to match any stain and is able to be painted with high quality latex paint or stained with a water-based stain or gel-coat stain

Q: What exactly is Polyurethane?

A: Polyurethane foam is a polymer consisting of a chain of organic units joined by polyurethane links. This is a thermoset material, meaning that once the reaction has taken place to form the polymer, it can't be converted back to its original components. Due to this fact, polyurethane foam will not melt at extreme temperatures.

Q: Will Fypon® stand up to the sun, rain, snow and wind?

A: Yes! Fypon’s polyurethane and PVC products can stand up to hot or cold, rain, snow or sunny days. Fypon products are water resistant. The closed cell structure resists water absorption, helping prevent the material from splitting, flaking, chipping or bloating.

Q: What product categories does Fypon® make?

A: There are thousands of pieces in the Fypon product line. Generally, the products fall into the following categories: beams, door surrounds, shutters, window and door trim, moulding, decorative millwork, louvers, gables, deck railing, balustrade systems, PVC column wraps and QuickRail system. Browse through the website to view the different product lines, or fill out a quote request form for custom orders.

Klysen mentioned that his most popular products are the smooth polyurethane categories, columns wraps and beams.

Q: What is the benefit of using Fypon® products – like shutters or louvers – over wood or other materials?

A: Fypon products are lightweight and easy to install with little to no maintenance. Fypon products will not warp, crack, or split; and are impervious to moisture unlike wood products.

Q: How do you install Fypon® products?

A: Many Fypon products come with installation guides, and we recently created shutter and door surround videos to assist in walking through the easy installation steps.

They can be nailed, cut and sanded just like wood products. In a recent case study, homeowner and Fypon customer David Nass told us, “All it took to install the Fypon trusses were two guys and a stepladder. It would’ve taken a crane to install heavy wood trusses.”

Michelle Furman, Fypon Specialist, mentioned she usually references the installation guides and videos quite a bit when discussing products with potential or current customers.

Q: What kind of caulk or paint can be used on Fypon® polyurethane products?

A: The product should be painted with a high-quality latex paint. Pieces can be painted any color the homeowner desires, and can also be faux painted and marbleized for more decorative looks.

Q: Do Fypon® products have a warranty?

A: Fypon products have a lifetime limited warranty for homeowners and a 4-year commercial limited warranty.

Q: Why and how do people use Fypon® products?

A: Fypon products can be used to add character to the exterior or interior of any home or commercial space. Many builders and contractors use the exterior products to add “curb appeal” to the exterior of their homes and on the inside of a home, they use mouldings, ceiling medallions and wall niches to upgrade the look of different rooms. To see more examples of how Fypon can be used, check out our case studies.