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Polyurethane Vs. Wood - Which Trim Will Win?

When you ask builders or contractors, "Which is better - polyurethane or wood millwork?" their answers will likely vary depending on which side of the Mississippi they're from. In the east, exterior polyurethane products, like Fypon exterior trim, are a popular choice for their resistance to moisture and bugs. In the drier western states, contractors have typically relied on wood due to its availability and simple installation. However, more and more contractors are making the switch to polyurethane as homeowner demand for low-maintenance products continues to increase.

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For many contractors, making the switch to polyurethane millwork is easy. You get the same workability of wood since you can cut, miter, route and shape polyurethane trim with standard woodworking tools.

When you consider the availability of decorative moulding offered by Fypon, you can create a truly signature look with polyurethane products that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive with wood trim.

Polyurethane Millwork Advantages:

Low-Maintenance. Polyurethane millwork paints easily and requires less maintenance than wood to look its best throughout the years.

Durable. The close-cell structure of polyurethane makes the products ideal for all types of weather conditions, and resists rotting, warping, cracking, chipping and peeling.

Flexible. Polyurethane millwork, made of a high-density foam, does have the ability to flex, making it an ideal choice for installing on runs where walls and windows are not straight.

Easy to Clean. Polyurethane millwork features a closed-cell construction to help resist dirt and stains, which means paint or stain will last longer.

Moisture Resistance. Polyurethane will not absorb water, making it resistant to fungal, mold and mildew growth.

Bug Proof. Polyurethane products are not vulnerable to wood-destroying insects such as ants and termites.

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