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New Craftsman Crosshead Styles Offer Perfect Fit

As the craftsman-style home becomes more and more popular, adding details to the exterior of a home is as important as the interior. Details like low rooflines, exposed rafters, beautiful woodwork and more, Fypon’s newest addition of two crossheads fits with the look and feel of the craftsman style that first became popular in the late 1950's and early 1960's.

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With the craftsman theme being arguably the biggest trend of 2017, it will only grow in 2018. Adding the Craftsman Cove Crosshead and Craftsman Stepped Crosshead to a window or door opening is an easy way to enhance a home. The Craftsman Cove Crosshead offers the height and look of the traditional wood built-up crosshead with cove and top trim. This option also comes with end caps to bring the craftsman feel into 2017.

Our next newest offering, the Craftsman Stepped Crosshead, plays on the simple, linear feel of the arts and crafts style – while highlighting the beautiful details of a traditional craftsman home. Not only can these crossheads be used on doors but they can also be used to spruce up windows –adding more value to the exterior appeal.

As with all Fypon products, these crossheads are easy-to-install and low maintenance, reducing the risk for callbacks in the future. A new feature of these crossheads is that they come in a 216” length, allowing for customized cutting for any length of window, door or garage door. Add the new crossheads to your next order today to stay up on the latest home style trends!