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Installing a Door Surround Kit with Ease and No Callbacks

Using a polyurethane door surround on a home to simply boost curb appeal not only saves time but saves money in the long run. Since they are made from polyurethane pieces, the door surrounds offer continuity and accuracy once installed, and there is no need for a finish carpenter on the job.

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Each door surround kit comes with the appropriate pilasters and crossheads needed and can fit a variety of door styles. They are also available for single and double doors. When comparing Fypon’s Door Surround Kits with using wood surrounds, the cost saving is evident and the time savings are even greater.

Installing a traditional wood door surround can take up to four and a half hours, plus there is a risk that if it is installed on the exterior, callbacks will be necessary. Because the polyurethane door surrounds are protected from insects, weather and more, they will not crack or warp when on the exterior of a home.

Though the specific directions should be used when installing a door surround on a home, there are some easy steps that can be taken to install.

  1. Measure and Cut Pilaster to Fit – To determine if a height adjustment is needed, dry fit the crosshead and pilasters. Cut the pilaster from the bottom if an adjustment is needed.
  2. Install Crosshead – Install the crosshead above the door making sure it’s level and centered.
  3. Install Keystone (If your kit came with a loose keystone, if not move to step 4) – Attach keystone to the center of the crosshead using non-corrosive fasteners and polyurethane compatible adhesive.
  4. Pilasters – Install the pilasters using non-corrosive fasteners and polyurethane compatible adhesive.
  5. Fill all fastener holes and paint with acrylic latex paint.

To learn more about the installation process, watch our door surround installation video.