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Installation is Easy With Fypon’s Door Surround Instructional Video

Fypon door surrounds offer a distinguished look to any facade that increases curb appeal and resale value. With plenty of options, like single- or double- doorways and with multiple crosshead or pilaster selections, Fypon offers what you are looking for your latest jobs. Once you have the door surround kit on the job site, you’ll want to read through Fypon’s installation instructions and watch the helpful install video. Below we’ve outlined the basics of installation.

The first step is to make sure you have the proper materials such as a saw, tape measure, framing square, hammer, putty knife, screw gun, 1 ¾ exterior grade screws or nails, caulk gun, 2' or 6' level, Loctite® PL Premium® Adhesive, polyurethane compatible filler and polyurethane trim board or PVC to be used as installation strips.  

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Installation of Trim Strips

First, install the trim strips by measuring the height of the door from the top of the door to the landing, then cut to fit. Secure the trim pieces by using adhesive on the back and adhering to the house. Finish the trim by using screws or nails to hold in place, and also fasten with 2 screws at the top, middle and bottom of the trim pieces.

To install the crosshead strip, measure the distance from the outside of the left installation strip to the outside of the right installation strip. Cut the crosshead installation strip to size and apply a quarter inch bead of adhesive. Press firmly into position.

Installation of Pilasters

Next step is to install the pilasters. Measure the heights of the door from the top of the door to the landing, and include any existing trim in the measurements. Cut the excess off the bottom of the pilaster and apply a quarter inch bead of adhesive to the back of the pilaster. Fasten the pilasters to the installation strip using exterior grade screws.

Installation of Crosshead

Follow proper cutting procedure outlined in the installation instructions. After the crosshead is cut, Apply adhesive to the back of the crosshead and firmly press it into position on the installation strips ensuring that the crosshead is properly centered and level across the door. Fasten the crosshead to the house with a minimum of 6 exterior grade screws

If the crosshead had to be cut, install the keystone cover over the seam. Fasten is with adhesive and fasteners to secure it in place. Then, finish off the project by filling the holes in the pilasters, crosshead and keystone where fasteners were placed, with exterior grade filler. Allow the filler to dry before sanding and painting.

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Leave a lasting impression on clients with easy-to-install, weather resistant door surrounds from Fypon. Learn more about the different options today.