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How to Enhance the Look of Faux Wood Beams

Beam alternatives, such as polyurethane beams, achieve the look of timber, but can be enhanced with accessories including beam plates and straps.

When used on real wood beams, beam plates and straps join and reinforce two beams. However, faux wood beams like Fypon’s are hollow and don’t require the same structural support required of real wood beams, so plates and straps are purely decorative.

Beam plates and straps look particularly impressive on truss systems, which can be custom-built to any space.

Fypon Beam Plate Designs

fypon beams truss

Fypon beam plates mimic the look of aged plates, offering a rustic touch to any of our four unique decorative beam styles. Available in a smooth or hammered texture, the plates hide seams where two beams meet or provide an attractive finish where a beam meets a wall. All beam plates come with a front plate with bolts and a back plate with nuts, simulating an authentic beam plate that supports the joining of two beams.

Smooth Texture Beam Plate

smooth beam plate

Our smooth texture plate is painted black on both sides and provides a clean look. Bolts and nuts come moulded to the front and back plates, respectively.

Hammered Texture Beam Plate

hammered beam plate

As the name suggests, this beam plate replicates a forged iron plate that was hammered by a blacksmith, providing a vintage-rustic appearance. Bolts and nuts come moulded to the front and back plates, respectively.

Large Beam Plates

enter image description here

Large beam plates, available in smooth and hammered textures in 36” x 36” and 48” x 48” dimensions, can be cut to fit any style decorative beam. Bolts and nuts are not molded to the plates, but ship with the plates and can be placed appropriately for the plate size.

Fypon Beam Strap Designs

enter image description here

Fypon’s decorative beam straps are another design choice that offer the opportunity to hide a seam or finish the beam to the ceiling. The u-shaped straps hug the beam’s exterior and heighten its realistic appearance. The straps come with the nuts and bolts molded directly into the plates.

Smooth Texture Beam Strap

enter image description here

Our smooth texture beam strap is painted black with moulded bolts and nuts symmetrically spaced.

Hammered Texture Beam Strap

enter image description here

The hammered texture beam strap is painted black and depicts the look of an old-fashioned beam strap with symmetrically placed bolts and nuts.

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