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How To Add Elegance with Decorative Moulding Products

Home buyers today often want special touches to make their house feel more sophisticated and customized. Unfortunately, those "extras" can cause the cost of the house to exceed both the contractor's and home buyers' budget. Thankfully, Fypon polyurethane products provide a way to add more elegance without breaking the bank.

One of the easiest ways to give a home an upscale feel is to add crown moulding. A space that lacks crown moulding can give a room the appearance of being unfinished. When selecting your crown moulding or trim, keep in mind that wider trim is considered more premium in comparison to narrow trim. It makes a bolder statement and can help define a room. Trim is also a great way to add detail above bland window frames, and will add an element of elegance to your window dressings, too.

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Chair rail can also transform a room and provide a customized feel. Plus, it serves a functional purpose - protecting walls from unsightly bumps and scrapes

Another overlooked detail that has multiple uses is ceiling medallions. While historically medallions were meant to help call attention to hanging light fixtures, they're beautiful in their own right. Ceiling medallions were particularly popular in the Victorian era, and putting them in today's homes can bring back some of the elegance of that time. But don't limit them to just ceilings.

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Fypon woodgrain beams are another excellent choice to add beauty and save money, and it's very difficult to distinguish them from a real wood beam. Beams can be used to add depth to a ceiling in a living room, bedroom or kitchen. Have an unsightly pipe or other ceiling protrusion? Cover it with a beam. Fypon offers four styles that allow homeowners to fit their personal taste and decor.

Those are a few interior ideas, but don't forget about the exterior of the home. The front door makes the first impression of a house. It's where friends and family first arrive, and architectural details can help set the tone for what is waiting inside. Door crossheads can instantly make a home feel more elegant. Our crossheads are available in several styles including the new Distinction, Craftsman Cove or Craftsman Step. The Craftsman Cove crosshead replicates the style of a true wood built-up crosshead with cove, top and bottom trim. The Craftsman Step crosshead emphasizes the elements of early craftsmanship details.

Extra architectural elements around your windows can also enhance your curb appeal. Simple, polyurethane shutters are easier to install, time saving and more durable than wood shutters, while pediments are a decorative trim that adds sophistication to both windows and doors. With attractive styles like sunburst and spoked, you can give your house a more refined look.

Adding just a few of the above details with Fypon polyurethane trim will give your homes the elegant look homeowners love. Visit our products page to start browsing options that can help you make your homes feel more expensive for less.