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Fypon Tops Builder Brand Use Study Category

For the second year in a row, Fypon took the top spots in Builder’s Brand Use Study in the Interior category for Decorative Mouldings, Trim, Columns. Fypon was ranked first in brand familiarity, brand used in the past two years and brand used the most.

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This annual study polls builders on their familiarly, use and opinions about brands in 51 categories of a home from structures to finishes. Fypon received a 62.2% in brand familiarity with the other two closest name brands, Flex Trim and Crown Columns and Millwork, barely coming within 8% of Fypon. This was a 10% growth since 2016. When builders were asked about brands being specified and used in the past two years, 36.9% said they used Fypon, 7% higher than the second and third listed brands. In the same vein, when asked about brands specified and used the most, Fypon received a 12.6%.

Fypon was amongst the top brands rated for high quality, with the difference between the top four of only .36. The study also asked what factors most impact the brand selection of builders in the interior decorative mouldings, trim and columns category. Product performance was ranked first with availability of product through a dealer coming second by only .02. Product price and ease of installation were a close third and fourth factor, with warranty ranking lower. The final two important factors were strength of manufacturer’s brand and reputation and a strong relationship with the manufacturer or dealer.

Fypon also ranked fourth in brand familiarity, brand used in the past two years, brand used the most and quality ratings in the sister category: Decorative Mouldings & Columns: Exterior. Overall, how a product performs, availability, price and ease of install are still important factors to builders in the decorative moulding, trim and columns category: exterior and interior.

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