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Fypon Staining Instructions

All of Fypon’s woodgrain products are delivered ready to stain to complement any color scheme. Follow these steps to ensure flawless color in no time. Fypon’s polyurethane woodgrain products can be easily and quickly stained, plus they are low maintenance and they won’t crack, warp or split like wood. The stain Fypon recommends can be purchased at a local store.enter image description here

Long-Term Maintenance - Exposure to the elements will affect any exterior finish. Reapply a new coat every three to five years or when the surface begins to feel rough.

Troubleshooting Before – If you notice light scratches on the surface prior to staining, spray the area with a matching primer or smooth the area by buffering in the direction of the grain. For deep scratches, fill with a wood crayon or scratch pencil and lightly sand.

Troubleshooting After – If you notice any fine scratches after staining, wipe down the affected area with mineral spirits and blend until the stain color is matched. Then apply a fine layer of topcoat to the repaired area.

View full instructions and details on staining your Fypon products.