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Fypon's Free Take-Off Service

Are you a builder facing tough marketplace competition? Do you want to make your homes stand out and sell faster, but unsure how? Often, getting buyers in the front door comes down to how they connect with a home exterior and envision living in that home.

Smart builders use every resource available to help increase the curb appeal of their homes--and that includes Fypon’s free takeoff service.

"It can be a little change to a plan, like the addition of a small front porch area, that resonates with a buyer," says Anita Piety, marketing specialist with Fypon. "Or perhaps it's the use of decorative corbels incorporated under eaves that gives the house a homey feeling. We can lend a critical eye to home elevations or blueprints and show builders where synthetic millwork products can be added to enhance both the home exterior and interior.

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"Our experts take elevations and, using a specialized construction software, provide digitized takeoffs that make it easy to add polyurethane millwork pieces to a home,” Piety continues. “The product recommendations for the takeoffs are generally done within 72 hours, which provides fast turn-around for builders looking to set their homes apart in the marketplace."