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Fypon Recreates Historic Truman Clock Tower

With the help of Fypon products, Pishny Restoration Services brought the Truman Clock Tower in Independence, Missouri back to life while ensuring the renovations did not alter the historic design. The landmark 40-foot tall clock tower, that stands atop of the Jackson County Truman Courthouse, was in need of reliable products to improve the quality of the tower.

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"We needed high-density polyurethane custom-manufactured materials like balustrades and finials to exactly match the historic profile of the original clock," said Corey Thomas, vice president of business development, Pishny Restoration Service.

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Christopher Martin, AIA, who directed the construction period services for the firm said he was impressed by how accurately the high-density polyurethane pieces were fabricated to match the appearance of the original exterior wood trim details. The project came together flawlessly, installation was simple and easy, and since its completion in 2014, the clock tower still looks like new.