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Fypon Provides Looks and Performance Ideal for Commercial Projects

The same properties that make Fypon an ideal option for homes—beautiful aesthetics combined with durability and low maintenance—also translate perfectly into commercial spaces.

Fypon trim and mouldings are often specified for commercial projects that are designed to blend into historic areas or those that need a classic or traditional look, such as banks in downtown sectors or low-rise office buildings in suburban areas. Larger mouldings reflecting a Colonial or Arts & Crafts style are particularly popular for hotels, along with brackets, corbels or other accents. Fypon recently outfitted an Idaho doctor’s office with brackets and flat trim to accent the windows.

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In Katy, Texas, architects for the new city hall relied on Fypon to achieve the traditional, hometown-USA look that local residents desired. The new building is complete with trim, including custom crown moulding, gable moulding, fascia and cornices specially made for the project and seen most prominently on the building’s clock tower. Almost 1,500 feet of Fypon moulding was used on the exterior, including 637 feet of custom-made gable moulding and 637 feet of crown moulding.

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Fypon’s manmade attributes allow for large, built-up pieces in a single piece of trim, accommodating larger facades without requiring endless trips around the structure for installation. The Katy town hall used buildups over 5 feet tall; the look required multiple pieces to create, but still far fewer than would have been required with wood. And the use of trim isn’t just for historical or traditional applications. Fypon helped outfit a storage facility in California, where the design team used large fascia and crown pieces to dress up the exterior so that it didn’t look like a typical garage-style building.

Beyond looks, property managers appreciate Fypon’s performance benefits. Because the material is resistant to weather, moisture, and insects, it provides long-lasting performance and requires little maintenance—a bonus for property managers and building owners alike.