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Fypon Adds New Craftsman Crosshead Styles and Lengths for Easy Install

Fypon recently added two new Craftsman-style crosshead designs to its offerings that will complement the historical characteristics of a Craftsman home.

The Craftsman Cove Crosshead replicates the height and look of a true wood built-up crosshead with cove and top trim. A new, added benefit of ordering the Craftsman Cove Crosshead is that it comes in a 216” width, allowing for customized cutting for any project.

enter image description here

Additional end caps are also offered for the Craftsman Cove Crosshead, to create a more modern look, available in 3 ½” and 5 ½” width to fit standard window and door trim. Installation over garage doors has also been simplified with the long length crossheads, eliminating the need to place two pieces together, then patching or adding a keystone to cover it.

Also available is the Craftsman Stepped Crosshead, which emphasizes the clean, straight lines and simple elements of the early arts and crafts details. This crosshead is offered in 6” and 8” heights for both windows and doors, and is also offered in the 216” length.

Simplify your install and ordering process by adding these two new crossheads to your purchase orders today!