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Free Two-Step Design & Takeoff Service Saves You Time & Money

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Remove product guesswork from your next building project by taking advantage of Fypon’s customized design and takeoff service — free for all Fypon customers.

Whether you’re a builder, remodeler, architect or dealer, Fypon can suggest the best millwork products for a home or commercial build and how much product is required.

Two-Step Design & Takeoff Service

From there, our design experts will create a customized digital takeoff plan, broken out by part number with a list price quote. You can designate the Fypon products you’d like or our experts will recommend products to create your desired look.

Design & Takeoff Service Benefits

  • Jobs are easier to manage because the right quantity of product is on-site when needed — saving you time and money.

  • Fypon experts understand home styles and will select elements that maintain a home’s architectural integrity inside and out.

  • You’ll have access to expertly designed, quality millwork products that add beauty, curb appeal and charm to a home or commercial project. Additionally, our products’ durable, low-maintenance design will make home and building owners happy.

Ready to start your next project successfully? Email with your construction print or contact us with any questions.