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Four Alternative Uses for Crossheads

The most memorable designs to buyers are those that take familiar architectural elements and add a completely new twist. While builders frequently use crossheads to add curb appeal to exterior entryways, these alternative uses for crossheads will offer inspiration for a completely one-of-a-kind application:

Add Character to Interior Doorframes

enter image description here

Pictured above: Craftsman Stepped Crosshead

The most common application for crossheads is to top exterior entryways, but few consider also using this classic piece for interior doorways. Crossheads and trim can be matched to existing moulding, like wainscoting, to provide a cohesive look across a space.

Create a Unique Mantle or Shelf

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Pictured above: Craftsman Cove Crosshead

Despite the light weight of polyurethane crossheads, they offer the strength and sturdiness to serve as a distinctive shelf. Install crossheads as a fireplace mantle to display artwork, photos or holiday décor.

To make this unique feature stand out to buyers, customize with a coat of color. Although crossheads arrive white, they can easily be painted for more character. Use a contrasting color against neutral palettes for an added pop.

Adorn Bathroom Mirrors

enter image description here

Pictured above: Distinction Crosshead

Bathroom remodels can eat up thousands of dollars, but simple additions can help transform a space without breaking budgets. Install crossheads over mirrored medicine cabinets to create a custom look for buyers. For an upscale look, choose a crosshead with more elaborate details and dimension.

Use as Upscale Trim

enter image description here

Pictured above: Distinction Crosshead

Crossheads can also be used as an alternative version of picture railing. This type of trim can be used to hang artwork and is often featured in traditional designs. Not only does this trim offer an interesting way to display artwork, it also creates an undeniably upscale aesthetic.

To get this look, install the crossheads near the height of the doorframe. Choose a crosshead style that is cohesive with existing moulding in the space, or choose an elaborate option to create a more traditional look.

These alternative uses for crossheads are easy to recreate with lightweight, trimmable crossheads. Fypon’s newest crossheads, Craftsman Cove and Step as well as Distinction Crossheads can be measured and cut at the jobsite to exact requirements and are simple to install. Craftsman Cove crosshead can be used with or without end caps, depending on the looking your trying to achieve. While Distinction crossheads should be used with ends, which are available in various sizes to complement various sizes of millwork trim.

Explore different crosshead styles to recreate these looks on our door surrounds page and view our newest crossheads referenced above on our new products page.