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Finding the Right Size, Style and Shape Shutters

It’s often said that windows are the eyes of the house, and shutters are the eyebrows (albeit on the side) and play an essential role in a home’s curb appeal. Here, we help you pick the right style and accessories to fit any home.

Originally designed to help provide security, privacy, insulation and light and air flow control, shutters are now primarily used for decoration over function.

Get the Right Size and Shape

Purchasing shutters that are correctly sized and styled for a window is just as important as finding the right style. The width that usually works best is between 25% and 33% of the total width of the window, including window trim. While the shutters may no longer need to close, it will ensure you have the right proportion and look.

The shape of the shutter should also mimic the shape of the window. Rectangular and square windows should use straight top shutters. Arch top windows should have arch top shutters—like Fypon’s quarter round board and batten or plank shutters.

Plank Shutters

Find the Right Style

Board and Batten

Colonial settlers originally used board and batten shutters to protect their windows. Today, this style — which features joined vertical boards with horizontal battens — can give a more rustic look to cottage, Southwest and Mediterranean style homes, but also adds character to Cape Cod style houses.

Today, lightweight woodgrain polyurethane shutters are a non-labor intensive, more durable option over wood shutters, which require additional prep work, are prone to rotting and warping and have longer lead times for non-standard sizes.

Heighten the board and batten rustic charm by adding Fypon’s pyramid or round clavos — decorative details that mimic wrought iron nails.

Board and Batten with Clavos


Similar to the board and batten style, plank shutters have equal sized spaces between the vertical boards held together with horizontal battens. Fypon offers a variety of plank styles with assorted batten placements, arched tops and even decorative diamond shape cutouts.

Plank Shutter


Louvered style shutters are extremely versatile and can be a great addition to many style homes. Originally designed to aid with privacy, and air and light flow, the modern day louvered shutters offer a classic look.

The louvered style shutters are popular on Farmhouse style homes as well as neoclassical revival, Cape Cod and even cottages, and can include a center rail.

Louvered Shutters

Raised Panel

Raised panel shutters complement a variety of homes including traditional colonials, neoclassical revival, Georgian, Cape Code and cottage style. Fypon has styles available in single and double panels as well as woodgrain and smooth finishes.

Raised Panel Shutters


The simplicity of Shaker shutters make them an ideal fit for Craftsman homes as well as farmhouse, colonial and prairie style homes. Fypon’s unique two-flat recessed panel stile and rail design honors the timeless Shaker architectural style while aligning with today’s homeowner preferences.

Shaker shutters


Fypon offers a large selection of architecturally accurate shutter styles. View our styles, available sizes and our newly released products.

For more inspiration, view our Home Style Guide.