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Equip Your Basement for Spring Flooding

Flooding is a common issue for homeowners and builders during the spring season and wreaks havoc on basement spaces. Water from spring thawing and rain can easily seep into basements through the floor or walls from cracks and other defects.

Older homes are particularly susceptible to water seepage. Basement spaces in these homes often feature original wood trim and moulding that is prone to water damage from spring flooding.

Whether an older home or a newer build, basement spaces should always be equipped with design features resistant to water damage. Fypon’s products have a closed cell structure that prevents water penetration and absorption, making them resistant to fungal, mold and mildew growth.


Unlike wood trim and moulding products, polyurethane materials will not rot, warp or split when exposed to water. The style and durability of Fypon’s trim and moulding products remain intact even if submerged under inches of flood water.

Equipping basements with water-resistant design features doesn’t have to compromise style. Fypon’s decorative moulding is available in a range of styles, including crown, dentil, cornice, and smooth or timber flat trim that can add to both simple and elaborate design styles.

basement ceiling

Additionally, Fypon smooth products can be painted and woodgrain stained or painted, and they will not chip or peel when exposed to water. Paint moulding to complement the space’s color scheme, or match with trim, casing and apron pieces to create a cohesive look throughout the entire basement.

To learn more about Fypon’s water-resistant trim and moulding products, visit our moulding product page.