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Create a No-Hassle Coffered Ceiling and Enhance Tray Ceilings

Don’t let a room’s ceiling be an afterthought. Instead, make it a focal point with a coffered or tray ceiling.

Coffered ceilings create a dramatic look in a great, living or family room, and are now easier and more affordable to install with lightweight polyurethane beams.

Coffered ceilings consist of beams that can be arranged in a rectangular, square or polygonal shape to create a sunken grid pattern. With roots in ancient Greece and Rome, the style became popular during the Renaissance and was often seen in Baroque and Neoclassical style buildings. Sometimes these beams provided structural support. Today, homeowners are asking for this elegant architectural detail in their Craftsman, Neoclassical, Colonial and other style homes.

Fypon Beams Coffered Ceiling

Traditionally made of wood and considered a labor-intensive design element, the introduction of alternatives like polyurethane have significantly reduced the cost of labor by eliminating the need for expensive carpentry and complicated installation.

The beams extend down into the room, so coffered ceilings tend to work best in spaces with ceilings nine feet or higher. Once installed, coffered ceilings can make the space appear larger. You can further customize the look with decorative millwork details.

Fypon’s polyurethane beams are available in smooth as well as woodgrain finishes. View page 131 of the product catalog to view the smooth option and pages 34-43 in the Timber and Stone Catalog to view woodgrain options. We also offer installation support, including videos on how install the beam top and end caps.

Tray Ceilings

Tray ceilings — a recess in the ceiling that resembles an inverted tray — are commonly seen in family, living, dining, and great rooms or bedroom spaces. Like the coffered ceiling, tray ceilings add an eye-catching architectural element to a room.

Fypon Tray Ceiling Beams

Tray ceilings frequently include different colors for the ceiling and tray. Homeowners often accentuate their tray ceiling with decorative moulding, which can serve a dual role and hide accent lighting that illuminate the tray part of the ceiling. Moulding can be painted to match the tray or ceiling paint colors or the homeowner may opt for a third color to further accent the decorative detail. Sometimes builders use tray ceilings to hide ductwork, particularly in older homes that were not built with central air.

View available moulding offered by Fypon that can be used to enhance a home’s tray ceiling.