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Column Wraps: Coverage with Character

Column wraps are a product that often have questions surrounding them. Are they difficult to install? Do they replace supporting columns? Are they only for homes that have a large, grand entrance? We’ll get to those questions, but first, what’s the difference between a column wrap and a regular column?

The definition of column is: an upright pillar, typically cylindrical and made of stone or concrete, supporting an entablature (a continuous lintel on a classical building supported by columns), arch, or other structure or standing alone as a monument. Column wraps install around an existing treated wood post or support structures, and can be used on the exterior and even the interior of a home. Add column wraps to a new construction home or to cover an outdated design on a home.

Worried about whether or not column wraps will fit correctly? The column design features installation cleats to easily allow for position adjustments and accurately align several columns in a row, or close to a porch edge. Another nice feature of column wraps is that it is not dependent on the support structure. If the wood structural post starts to twist or warp, the column wrap will not be affected. Column wraps allow for the structural post to last much longer, as there is no exposure to any weather or moisture or sun. The durable PVC will not rot, chip or flake – unlike wood columns.

Added Curb Appeal and Style

Column wraps come in various styles: non-tapered, tapered, plain, fluted, raised panel and recessed panel; and the real fun starts with the variety of alternate cap and base styles: Box, Craftsman, Greek, and Tuscan.

enter image description here


Featuring a low-pitched hipped or flat roof, brackets, corbels, rafter tails and tile vents are typically a focal point at the roof level. Beautiful arched doors surrounded by stone columns and a stone door surround completes the look.

enter image description here


Featuring craftsman crossheads, porch posts, flat trim and timber shutters to create clean lines. Craftsman homes typically include tapered columns at the entry to create a cozy and simple look.

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Featuring rustic wrought iron gates, ornate front doors, arched windows and arched stone blocks, this desert style home can include stone columns or woodgrain columns as a focal point.

enter image description here

New Classical

Featuring a commanding façade with full-height porches, this style is a perfect fit for large columns. Giving a grandiose look, it also includes door surrounds, dentil moulding, gable pediments and more.

enter image description here


Featuring a more traditional, stately feeling, columns and balustrade systems fit perfectly in this style – along with cornice, dentil moulding and pediment.

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