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Board and Batten Shutters Complete Beachy Cape Cod Home

Massachusetts homeowner Gretchen Stelzer and her husband live a mere mile from the ocean in their dream Cape Cod home. The couple knew they wanted to stay true to the classic, coastal, Cape Cod style in the region, but also wanted to add a pop of color to make their home stand out.

Before photo of Cape Cod home

The couple pulled inspiration from the surrounding homes along the coast between Boston and Cape Cod, and wanted to create an authentic style. “We thought shutters would be the perfect addition to fit the style and feel we were looking for,” Stelzer said. “The board and batten shutter style completed the beachy, New England Cape Cod style of the exterior of our home.”

Initially, the Stelzers considered installing wood shutters but found the costs were out of their price range. “The genuine wood shutters were out of our budget by hundreds and hundreds of dollars – we had to explore other options,” said Stelzer. “Plus, the genuine wood option doesn’t always stand up to the weather on the coast.”

The couple went to their local lumber yard and discovered Fypon’s durable polyurethane shutters for the first time. “When we first got the chance to look at Fypon’s Board & Batten shutters, we couldn’t believe how light they were and how nice they looked,” Stelzer said. “The Fypon shutters were not like the flimsy, cheap looking shutters we had seen elsewhere.”

When the Stelzers discovered the shutters were well within their price range, they decided on six of Fypon’s three board, two batten shutters:

Fypon Board and Batten Shutter

Despite having no previous experience working with Fypon products, the couple had no challenges painting and installing the shutters. “The entire process was very quick and easy – painting only took a couple of hours and all six shutters were up in less than an hour,” Stelzer said.

After Photo of Cape Code Style Home

“Now when we arrive at the house day after day, we feel like we’re on a vacation in Nantucket,” Stelzer shared.

To see how you can use shutters to complement your specific home design, view Fypon’s complete selection of shutters styles.