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Add Curb Appeal with a Garage Trellis

Looking to add character, style and contrast to an otherwise stark home exterior? Consider an over-the-garage trellis to instantly boost curb appeal.

Garage trellises, sometimes called garage pergolas, add a unique architectural element to a home’s exterior. In addition to the garage, trellises look great above a garden shed or as an attached or stand-alone structure on a porch or patio. You can keep it clean and simple or drape with flowering vines or ivy for shade and a touch of greenery.

Trellis with Fypon Brackets

A garage trellis is typically composed of:

  • Brackets
  • Rafter beams
  • Purlins (sometimes called rafter tails)

Fypon offers polyurethane trellis system kits for 8-9’ garage doors as well as 16’-18’ garage doors in both smooth and woodgrain finishes. You can also purchase the individual trellis components, available in different sizes, for your custom projects. By investing in a polyurethane system, you avoid common issues associated with wood such as damage from insects and warping or cracking due to exposure to the elements.

Before installation, the beams must be cut to the proper lengths. Follow the recommendations based on door size in the chart below. Measure each beam, two left side and two right side, and cut them to the length.

enter image description here

Fypon’s trellis kits come with a hardware kit, which makes mounting and installation simple. The hardware kit contains angle brackets, U brackets, HDW Pack and of course, an installation guide. The U brackets hold the beams in place and ensures they are evenly spaced.

You then attach rafter tails, which sit on top of the rafter beams, using adhesive and fasteners to give an elegant finish.

View the Smooth Catalog (pg. 125) for smooth trellis systems and components or the Timber and Stone Catalog (pg. 46) to view timber trellis systems and components. Ready to install? View Fypon’s polyurethane trellis installation instructions.