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6 Top Home Trends of Summer 2017

Summer: it’s that time of year when anything crisp, clean and cool becomes a virtual feast for the eyes. And this year’s home design trends perfectly embody that ideal. Today’s hottest homes are miniature celebrations of the sun and the world outdoors, so the warmer weather is the perfect time to capitalize on the latest styles. From full remodels to small interior decorating updates, this year’s summer trends have a little something for everyone.

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Statement Piece Windows

Big, broad and open has been the trend in homes for several years now, and that theme carries over to windows as well. Here, the narrow, quaint openings of the past are being traded in for large picture windows or window walls, all of which create a major wow factor in today’s homes.

To elevate even modest homes into stunning, luxury properties, replace existing wall surfaces with large panels of grouped windows, bi-fold sliding glass doors, casement windows, and other custom window products. As an added bonus, they’re perfect for taking in the sun while making the most of a home’s AC.

Complete the look with Fypon’s polyurethane window trim and crossheads. The crossheads are available in different sizes and styles to accommodate any home style. Both window trim and crossheads are insect and moisture resistant, so you won’t have to worry about them rotting, splitting or cracking.

White Kitchens

Forget neutrals. This year, for kitchens, it’s all about the dress whites. White accents have been the undisputed champions of kitchen decor for years now, but this is the first year we’ve seen white on white on white. More remodels are integrating white cabinets, countertops, walls, and tiled backsplashes—literally every surface in the kitchen can be elevated by this cool, clean color.

Moulding is another great addition to your kitchen. Fypon’s polyurethane moulding is easy to install and resists moisture, making it long lasting and reliable. Dress up the kitchen with decorative moulding or keep it classic with crown moulding. Fypon has plenty of options to suit any taste, so you can achieve the kitchen of your dreams. These crisp, light surfaces cut right through the summer heat like an island oasis in the heart of your kitchen!

Open Plan Remodels

Tiny houses may be dominating the design scene, but tiny rooms are definitely out. This year, we’ve seen a high preference toward open plan homes, with contractors increasingly advising homeowners to knock out dividing walls and open up small rooms in order to embrace the trend. Open, lofty homes pair perfectly with the window preferences described above.

Nature-Inspired Wall Coverings

All things natural are in vogue this year, as the Pantone color for 2017, “Greenery,” attests. In particular, wall trends have shifted away from industrial styles. Soft green, forest-inspired colors are in high demand when it comes to painted walls that make a great companion for minimalist trim and accents. There’s nothing more summery than the outdoors, so repainting with these emerald and malachite shades will certainly help homeowners get in touch with the pulse of the season, all summer and beyond! Complete your outdoors feel with a closed truss system using Fypon’s polyurethane beams. With a woodgrain finish, these beams have the look and feel of wood without the problems. They can be stained to match any forest-inspired look.

Decks and Patios as a Living Space

When we said before that people were embracing their natural side, we weren’t kidding. Increasingly, the line between indoor and outdoor spaces is being blurred, to the point where many homeowners are hanging curtains or buying plush couches and other indoor-inspired seating for their decks. Consider a wrap-around porch perfect for entertaining. Using Fypon’s polyurethane balustrade systems, a wrap-around porch can be created in no time. Woodruff balusters provide a classic, yet modern look that would be perfect for a new porch or deck.

In addition to aesthetics, homeowners want outdoor spaces that can be used regardless of the weather outside, so expect to see more requests for outdoor lighting and porchside heating and cooling options like ceramic heaters, firepits, and shades. This year, homeowners are literally redefining the boundaries of the home, a trend that could transform the remodeling industry this year—and many years to come!

-Erin Vaughan is a blogger, gardener and aspiring homeowner.  She currently resides in Austin, TX where she writes full time for Modernize, with the goal of empowering homeowners with the expert guidance and educational tools they need to take on big home projects with confidence.