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5 Ways to Prepare Your Customers’ Home Exteriors For Winter

September is the perfect time to start thinking about prepping a home for winter – since we never know when the cold and snow will hit! Here are recommendations contractors can share to help avoid larger issues and ensure long-term performance.

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  1. Clean out gutters – Once fall passes and all the leaves have fallen, it’s time to clean out gutters to help prevent water damage. Neglecting gutters can cause water backups, potentially hurting the foundation of the home as well as giving animals a place to live.

  2. Spruce up windows and doors – Replace wood crossheads and pediments with polyurethane pieces for an updated look with low-maintenance benefits. If spending money to replace windows and doors isn’t an option, consider taking some protective measures to keep cold air from leaking into a home.

  3. Replace aging shutters – To add instant curb appeal, replace shutters with Fypon’s polyurethane options. Fypon polyurethane shutters are weather resistant and also resist rotting, moisture and insects. They can be painted or stained to match a home’s unique style.

  4. Ditch deteriorating porch systems – Replace wood or other cracking, rotting materials with Fypon’s QuickRail PVC System or a structural polyurethane balustrade system. These low-maintenance options are perfect for brutal winters.

  5. Clean or replace vents and louvers – Replace any rotting or cracking decorative louvers or vents to functional louvers in attic spaces. If installed vents and louvers are wood, replace them with low-maintenance Fypon polyurethane options.

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