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3 Tips to Properly Install Fypon Moulding

When it comes to personalizing a home, it’s all about the details. No matter what style your customers are interested in, Fypon’s numerous moulding options including crown moulding, dentil moulding and cornice moulding, surely hits the mark. But in order for the new moulding to last for years to come, the following tips should be followed for proper install.

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1.) Use the right adhesive: A urethane-based adhesive should be used on the back surface of the moulding and at all joints. Fypon recommends using Loctite® PL Premium® Construction Adhesive to minimize the effects of expansion and contraction on the product. Make sure the adhesive is used on all of the joints and covers it entirely, including the back of the moulding to ensure the highest quality installation.

2.) If the moulding is installed as tight as possible, the effects of the expansion and contraction will be minimal. Fypon recommends cutting moulding ¼” longer for each 10’ of length to ensure a snug fit. Also, using a butt joint on all seams and mitered joints on the corners will make for a tighter fit.

3.) Use solid backing material: All of Fypon’s mouldings should be installed on a solid backing material in order to ensure long-lasting installation. Moulding should be fastened in place every 16” or less.

By following these three simple tips, the installation of Fypon moulding will be quick and easy – plus it will shine on for years to come in any house it is installed. And if you’re looking for even more accessories, adding rosettes between moulding lengths will create smooth seams and add charm. For more installation information, please visit