Company Overview

Started in 1969 in Baltimore, Maryland, Fypon produced molded urethane millwork products for the building industry in several Pennsylvania facilities. The company worked steadily for 35 years to develop molded urethane millwork products and educate the marketplace on the merits of polyurethane pieces. Through hard work and exceptional marketing efforts, Fypon built itself into the recognized brand name leader in the urethane millwork industry.

In 2004 Fypon was purchased by one of its competitors, Style Solutions. Originally started in 1974 as Style-Mark Inc. (an offshoot of Sauder Woodworking), by the Beck family of Archbold, Ohio, the company was purchased in 2000 by SBR, Inc. of Parkersburg, West Virginia. The company’s name was changed in 2001 to Style Solutions to more accurately reflect the focus of the company. In 2006 Fypon was purchased by Fortune Brands, Inc. as part of its acquisition of SBR, Inc. Fypon is now part of Fortune Brands Home & Security (NYSE: FBHS).

The acquisition of Fypon by Style Solutions in 2004 combined the operational excellence of Style Solutions with the brand name strength of Fypon. To strengthen the company’s position in the marketplace, the decision was made to keep the Fypon name for the combined companies.

“Fypon has the same name recognition in our industry as Coca Cola does in the soft drink industry or Kleenex in the tissue market," said Tom Riscili, president of Fypon at the time of the name change. “When it comes to product awareness, the Fypon name has a leading edge. Style Solutions was known for our superior customer service and operational excellence. The marriage of these two companies results in a single company that can fulfill all the moulding and millwork needs of building industry professionals, architects and consumers nationwide."

In 2009 the Fypon operations were merged into Therma-Tru Corp., another company owned by Fortune Brands Home & Security, with headquarters in Maumee, Ohio.

Today Fypon manufactures thousands of decorative and structural products for the interior and exterior of both residential and commercial applications. Interior and exterior moulded millwork product categories offered by Fypon include polyurethane entrance and window trim, mouldings and decorative millwork, balustrade systems, posts, louvers and eave vents. PVC column wraps and PVC trim boards and sheets are also available.

Fypon is the brand name leader in the urethane millwork industry. Each piece of product manufactured is made of tough, high performance materials that resist splintering, decaying, insect infestation, water penetration and absorption, for long lasting beauty and performance. For additional information, call 1-800-446-3040 or visit the company’s web site


Product Features

-Double-primed exterior grade ultraviolet stable coating applied in the factory to rigid polyurethane pieces.

-Precision molded pieces.

-Virtually maintenance free.

-Closed cell structure prevents water penetration and absorption.

-Products can be faux finished, stained and painted. Some pieces come with a stainable woodgrain option.



-Each piece has a consistent quality and finish, which requires no additional priming and is ready to paint.

-Pieces can be sawed, drilled, nailed and glued like wood.

-Significantly lighter in weight than wood or plaster products, saving time and labor on the job site.


Key Facts about Fypon, LLC

Headquarters Location

Therma-Tru Corp.

1750 Indian Wood Circle

Maumee, OH 43567

419-891-7400 or 800-446-3040

Web Site



Manufacturing Location

Yantai, China

Polyurethane Product Lines

- Louvers, eave vents

- Columns and balustrade systems

- Entrance and window trim

- Mouldings and decorative millwork

PVC Product Lines

- Column Wraps

- QuickRail and QuickPost systems

Product Availability

International, through independent dealers,

distributors and retail stores

Parent Company

Fortune Brands Home & Security (NYSE: FBHS)

Media Contact

Katy Tomasulo, Public Relations Representative

Phone: 571-235-1051


MMPA - Moulding and Millwork Producers Association

NAHB - National Association of Home Builders