Fypon Poised to Meet Builder and Remodeler Needs in 2015

           MAUMEE, OHIO – The introduction of nearly 200 polyurethane products plus a new focus on design-oriented solutions for building industry professionals and homeowners will help Fypon meet marketplace needs in 2015.

            "Going into 2015 Fypon will provide more design-oriented products and solutions for builders, remodelers and consumers," says Mark Savan, president of Therma-Tru Corp., which owns Fypon. "We are organizing our polyurethane trim products into five different architectural design styles and launching a multitude of new products that will make it easier for our customers to achieve their desired style and look on both the interior and exterior of a home."

            Fypon® trim products, which have been available in the marketplace for more than 45 years, fill both the decorative and functional needs for many projects. With more than 2,500 available SKUs, the company has a wide assortment of products to meet industry needs.

            "This company has a long history of successfully adding style to both residential and commercial projects," says Savan. "Moving into 2015 we plan to help advance the use of our products by offering them in style-focused classifications in a new Style Guide to provide design solutions for the end user."

            For builders and remodelers, Savan points to the fast-install, dependable nature of polyurethane products as an asset on the jobsite. "These trim products continue to rise in popularity because of their versatility, quality and long-lasting appeal," says Savan. "We believe that, as builders continue to differentiate themselves through the products selected for their home projects, that demand for polyurethane pieces will continue to rise."

            Savan also points to the free take-off service provided by Fypon as another asset the company offers to industry professionals. "The skilled team at Fypon will review design plans and recommend suitable Fypon pieces to enhance projects," says Savan. "While architects and designers are already using this free service, we believe custom builders and remodelers will increase their use of this valuable resource in the future."

New Product in 2015: Classic Woodgrain

            Starting January 1, 2015, Fypon will introduce a new line of Classic Woodgrain decorative millwork and moulding pieces. Made of durable polyurethane, the products will come with a refined woodgrain texture suitable for either staining or painting.

            More than two dozen new Classic Woodgrain pieces are being introduced by Fypon, including a variety of crown, casing, baseboard and apron mouldings, plus crossheads, plinth blocks and a closed-ended beam.

            As with all Fypon products, the Classic Woodgrain pieces cannot be penetrated by moisture or insects. They also resist rotting, warping, cracking, chipping, peeling, and are weather resistant.           

New Product in 2015: Sandstone

            Starting in April of 2015, Fypon will introduce new sandstone-textured pieces made of polyurethane.

            The sandstone-textured products are being introduced in direct response to requests from builders creating Mediterranean-style homes along with those builders constructing homes on the West Coast. The sandstone polyurethane pieces come with an oatmeal-colored primer coat and arrive ready for staining or painting.

            Four new sandstone round structural and four additional half-round non-structural columns are being introduced by Fypon along with 16 column caps and bases. Columns come in both eight and ten foot heights. Three different trim pieces --- which can be used to surround doors and windows --- are being introduced with the sandstone finish. These include a detailed corner piece, straight piece and a complementary straight piece with finished edge.           

About Fypon

            Fypon offers more than 2,500 synthetic pieces in the categories of Window & Door Trim, Mouldings, E-Vent™ Systems, Decorative Millwork, Louvers & Gable Vents, Balustrade Systems, and Porch Posts, Columns & Wraps. Additionally, Fypon offers PVC products in the categories of Column Wraps, QuickRail® Systems and Trellis Systems.

            Fypon manufactures thousands of decorative millwork elements in a variety of architectural styles to enhance the interior and exterior of homes. Each piece is crafted from tough, weather-resistant, high-performance materials that are resistant to decay, insect infestation and water damage for long-lasting beauty and low maintenance. Part of consumer products company Fortune Brands Home & Security (NYSE: FBHS), Fypon, LLC is owned by Therma-Tru Corp. For additional information, call 800-446-3040 or visit www.fypon.com.