Quick-Fix Curb Appeal Projects Help Sell Homes

            MAUMEE, OHIO – Watch any home improvement television show or speak with a realtor and you’ll soon discover that what’s inside your home doesn’t matter if you can’t get potential buyers to stop outside your door. While some people may recommend spending thousands of dollars on your exterior, the experts at Fypon recommend investing just several hundred dollars and one weekend to create instant “curb appeal” for your home.

            “Start with a critical eye and take care of basic problems,” says Kyle Crompton, product manager for Fypon. “Trim hedges, plant colorful flowers and replace old mulch. Clean the exterior of the home and repaint areas if necessary, add a decorative flag out front, polish the hardware on your entry door and make sure your exterior lights are operating. These are basic ‘fast fix projects’ that can be tackled in one day.”

            On day two of your weekend, Crompton recommends adding focal accent pieces to key exterior areas to enhance the curb appeal. “Any homeowner with even modest do-it-yourself capabilities can install lightweight polyurethane decorative pieces around doors, windows and garages,” says Crompton. “Whether you decide to add shutters or replace rotting window trim, easy-install projects can be done in less than a day. The results are eye-catching and result in ‘stop in your tracks’ looks from potential buyers.”

            Crompton suggests the following curb appeal projects to create instant success:

            Project #1 – Flank the vertical portion of your entry door with a set of fluted or plain pilasters. Top off the door with a lightweight pediment. Available in unique styles to match different home designs, decorative pediments come in rams head, broken bonnet, acorn or sunburst profiles. Door surround kits containing all pieces are also available in Colonial, Craftsman, Empire and Stone styles.

            Project #2 – Add a one-piece crosshead above every window on the front side of the home. Insect- and moisture-resistant polyurethane crossheads can be installed alone or accented with accessories such as keystones in the center or a piece of dentil trim.

            Project #3 – If your garage faces the street, surround the entire entry opening with a large crosshead and a pair of pilasters. Use the same style materials as you do on the front entry door to create a uniform look for the exterior.     

            Project #4 – To heighten the look of your home’s exterior, flank your street-side windows with low-maintenance polyurethane shutters. Fast and easy to install, styles include a variety of louvered and plank shutters that can be painted or stained to accent your home’s exterior.

            Project #5 – Grab a ladder and replace rotting louvers at the top of your home or garage. Made of decay-resistant polyurethane, louvers come in both decorative (non-venting) styles and venting styles to help enhance a positive airflow in the attic.

            “Several of these projects together can be tackled in a weekend,” says Crompton. “An added benefit to enhancing the curb appeal of your home is that you can ‘sell’ potential homebuyers on the low-maintenance aspects of your decorative investments. Polyurethane products resist warping, rot, insects and moisture, so your potential homebuyers can enjoy years of low-maintenance curb appeal of their own!”

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