10 Tips for Adding 24-Hour Curb Appeal to the Home

            MAUMEE, OHIO - If you think a home's curb appeal matters during just daylight hours, think again. Experts at Fypon suggest that after hours curb appeal can be just as important to a home's exterior as the view during the day.

            "A well-lit home at night has a glow that is warm and welcoming," says JJ Rogers, sales operations manager at Fypon. "An added benefit is that investing in good exterior lighting also adds to the security of the home."

            During National Curb Appeal Month in August, Rogers and the Fypon team offer these tips for "lighting up the night" with evening curb appeal.

                        Tip #1 - Place solar-powered lights on walkways and in key landscape areas to create safe pathways and highlight the home.           

                        Tip #2 - Add a low-maintenance lamppost in front of the home that is either solar powered or on a timer to shine during evening hours.

                        Tip #3  Flank the entry door with lights to make it easy for guests to find the door and for you to see who is visiting after dark.

                        Tip #4 - Clean up existing lights. Take time to replace burnt out bulbs and do a good, strong cleaning on light fixtures so that the lights really work for you.

                        Tip #5 - Invest in a lighted doorbell and lighted or reflective house numbers to make finding your home and entryway easy for guests.

            "Motion sensor lighting is another terrific way to make it easy for visitors to safely enter a driveway and pathways," says Rogers. "This type of lighting also helps deter burglary attempts and lets homeowners know when roaming animals are in the yard."

            For daylight curb appeal additions to the home exterior, Rogers recommends these tips:

                        Tip #1 - Replace rotting wooden trim, shutter, louvers and balustrade systems with easy-care polyurethane products that require minimal upkeep while resisting insects, decay and moisture.

                        Tip #2 - Easily accent the tops of windows on the front of the home by adding a crosshead and keystone over the tops of windows.

                        Tip #3 - Never underestimate the power of flowers. Adding window boxes of flowers, planters with bright flowers or simply pots of flowers on a porch, steps or throughout the yard instantly increases the curb appeal of the home.

                        Tip #4 - Add a low-maintenance timber or smooth polyurethane trellis system over a garage entry to add dimension and appeal to the door you drive through every day.

                        Tip #5 - Install a Door Surround Kit around a home's entryway. Each kit comes with a set of pilasters to flank a standard single door and a decorative crosshead to "sit" on top of the door. Available in Colonial, Craftsman and Empire styles plus a different variation in Stone.

            To discover more curb appeal tips, visit http://fypon.com/about/events.asp.

About Fypon

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