Quick-Fix Curb Appeal Projects Help Sell Homes

       Watch any home improvement television show or speak with a realtor and you’ll soon discover that what’s inside your home doesn’t matter if you can’t get potential buyers to stop outside your door. While some people may recommend spending thousands of dollars on your exterior, the experts at Fypon recommend investing just several hundred dollars and one weekend to create instant “curb appeal” for your home.

            “Start with a critical eye and take care of basic problems,” says Kyle Compton with Fypon. “Trim hedges, plant colorful flowers and replace old mulch. Clean the exterior of the home and repaint areas if necessary, add a decorative flag out front, polish the hardware on your entry door and make sure your exterior lights are operating. These are basic ‘fast fix projects’ that can be tackled in one day.”

            On day two of your weekend, Decker recommends adding focal accent pieces to key exterior areas to enhance the curb appeal. “Any homeowner with even modest do-it-yourself capabilities can install lightweight polyurethane decorative pieces around doors, windows and garages,” says Decker. “Whether you decide to add shutters or replace rotting window trim, easy-install projects can be done in less than a day. The results are eye-catching and result in ‘stop in your tracks’ looks from potential buyers.”

            Compton suggests the following curb appeal projects to create instant success:

            Project #1 – Flank the vertical portion of your entry door with a set of fluted or plain pilasters. Top off the door with a lightweight pediment. Available in unique styles to match different home designs, decorative pediments come in rams head, broken bonnet, acorn or sunburst profiles. Door surround kits containing all pieces are also available in Colonial, Craftsman, Empire and Stone styles.

            Project #2 – Add a one-piece crosshead above every window on the front side of the home. Insect- and moisture-resistant polyurethane crossheads can be installed alone or accented with accessories such as keystones in the center or a piece of dentil trim.

            Project #3 – If your garage faces the street, surround the entire entry opening with a large crosshead and a pair of pilasters. Use the same style materials as you do on the front entry door to create a uniform look for the exterior.     

            Project #4 – To heighten the look of your home’s exterior, flank your street-side windows with low-maintenance polyurethane shutters. Fast and easy to install, styles include a variety of louvered and plank shutters that can be painted or stained to accent your home’s exterior.

            Project #5 – Grab a ladder and replace rotting louvers at the top of your home or garage. Made of decay-resistant polyurethane, louvers come in both decorative (non-venting) styles and venting styles to help enhance a positive airflow in the attic.

            “Several of these projects together can be tackled in a weekend,” says Compton. “An added benefit to enhancing the curb appeal of your home is that you can ‘sell’ potential homebuyers on the low-maintenance aspects of your decorative investments. Polyurethane products resist warping, rot, insects and moisture, so your potential homebuyers can enjoy years of low-maintenance curb appeal of their own!”


25 Ways to Add Curb Appeal to the Home

         The importance of curb appeal can never be underrated when you own a home. Whether it’s pride of ownership, fitting in with the neighborhood (or standing out!), the exterior of your home reflects your personality and can create positive impressions. And, if you’re selling your house, the importance of curb appeal jumps ten-fold as you try to position your home for an “instant connection” with potential buyers.

            There are dozens of easy ways to upgrade different exterior aspects of your home. Many of these enhancements can be achieved with Fypon® synthetic products. Lightweight yet durable, these low-maintenance pieces resist insect infestations, rot, decay and moisture. Try any of the following fast and easy installations to transform the look of your home:

  1. Trim out exterior windows. Use crossheads for over a window and top with a solid, decorative or recessed panel keystone accent piece. On the sides and below the window, use moulding pieces with plinth blocks in the corners to eliminate miter cuts. 

  2. Make your entryway more welcoming with an elegant door surround. Start with fluted pilasters on either side of the door and then top the door with a decorative pediment --- try a rams head, sunburst, acorn or peaked cap style. 

  3. Accent a bay window by adding window panels below the opening. 

  4. Add classic crown or fascia dentil moulding beneath gutters and eaves to heighten the appearance of your home. 

  5. Replace a rotting wooden porch system with a new structural balustrade system which includes porch posts, top and bottom rails, balusters and all the other pieces essential to create a great, weather-resistant porch. 

  6. Interlock and install pieces of PVC Beaded Board on the ceiling of a porch or sunroom and then use the same low-maintenance materials for a wainscot treatment on the walls. 

  7. If you have a ceiling fan on a front porch, add a two-piece ceiling medallion around the fan's base to add style to your entire porch. 

  8. Replace older, rotting wooden louvers with low-maintenance polyurethane louvers. Functional louvers have a noncorrosive fiberglass screen backing to keep insects out while allowing maximum airflow and ventilation to enter the attic. 

  9. Upgrade the look of your entryway by adding a new brass kickplate and polishing your door hardware. 

  10. Flank your windows with easy-care polyurethane shutters. Choose from a selection of white louvered solid panel and louvered slatted panels shutters or woodgrain plank panel shutters in two-plank, three-plank and diagonal V-styles. Paint or stain the pre-primed shutters to complement any home exterior. 

  11. Add sparkle to your yard with a decorative lamp post that can help light up the night. 

  12. Give your house style by adding brackets under roof eaves and on porches. 

  13. Accent a front porch or portico area with an oval ceiling dome made of weather-resistant polyurethane. If you have lighting elements or ceiling fans in the area, select a ceiling dome with a center hole to make it easier for wiring to come through the dome. 

  14. If your home has a Victorian style, use spires to accent exterior areas, fencing and gated areas of the home. 

  15. Don’t forget the garage. Install a set of pilasters on either side of the garage door and a long door crosshead over the top. 

  16. Accent your exterior with a new, colorful welcome mat, decorative flags, planter boxes and baskets of flowers. 

  17. Add dimension to porch ceilings with faux beams. Arrange lengthwise or in a criss-cross pattern to make the ceiling of your sunroom or porch stand out. 

  18. Add decorative columns to the exterior of your home or yard. Polyurethane columns come in fluted square, serpentine, flat square and plain panel square styles and are weather resistant. 

  19. Clean any exterior lighting fixtures so your house shines during both day and evening hours. 

  20. Use crosshatch or square decorative panels made out of lightweight polyurethane to serve as see-through “gates” to keep pets and children separated from prized flowers and bushes. 

  21. Since the pineapple is the universal sign of hospitality, add a decorative half-round or full round pineapple accent piece in the entryway to your home. 

  22. Add a trellis system to top off a garage door or side entry door. 

  23. Spend an hour with a door surround kit (available in Empire, Colonial, Craftsman and Stone styles) to create a fast enhancement to a single entry door. 

  24. Add brackets and corbels to side entry areas of the home to bring attention to this area of the house. Select from hundreds of Craftsman, Victorian, Arch, Tulip, Recessed and Carved Spiral styles. 

    25. Cover up unsightly wooden posts with a PVC Column Wrap. The semi-assembled, two-piece wrap classic style wrap installs quickly. 

More Curb Appeal Tips from Fypon

Garage Door Décor

            Most homeowners enter their houses by driving into their garage more frequently than any other door in the home, so why not make it welcoming? To add pizzazz to the exterior of your garage door, the experts at Fypon recommend you install decorative urethane trim pieces, such as mouldings, crossheads, pediments and keystones to the garage door surround at your home.

            “People focus a great deal of attention on the curb appeal of a home, but oftentimes they don’t use their main entry door nearly as often as they do their garage door,” says Anita Piety marketing specialist for Fypon. “We recommend that homeowners treat themselves by making their garage door entrance more aesthetically appealing by adding synthetic trim pieces. This is a simple do-it-yourself project with great results!"

            Piety suggests that the first basic element is to surround the entire garage door entry with weather-resistant urethane moulding or PVC trim. The pieces are easy to cut and install, plus they resist insect infestations, warping, splitting and humidity. Urethane products come with a pre-primed surface that is ready to paint or stain, so no sanding or additional priming is needed before installation. PVC trim pieces do not need to be painted.

            As an option to moulding and trim, more detailed pilasters, which usually stand vertically to frame out an entry door, are a great way to add dimension and beauty to the sides of the garage entryway. After installing these, you can look at the top of the garage entrance. 

            “If you have at least two feet of space between the top of your garage and the roofline, you can get creative by ‘topping off’ the garage entry with a crosshead,” says Piety. “These come in very long lengths --- up to 207 inches in width --- to accommodate large garage openings. Or, you can order two smaller pieces, install them side-by-side and cover the ‘gap’ with a keystone decorative element placed in the center.”

            Because Fypon products are lightweight yet durable, installation is fast and easy for homeowners. Simple tools, including premium adhesive, saw, measuring tape, hammer, nails, a level, a ladder and safety eyewear are all that are needed to completely transform the garage door décor on a home.   

            Another way to enhance the garage door is with an award-winning Fypon® PVC Trellis System. Available in two sizes to accommodate either single- or double-car garages, each trellis system comes as a complete kit including durable outlookers, attractive beams, lattice and hardware. The trellis system adds architectural distinction to any home and comes in smooth white or stainable woodgrain.  

            “One of the best aspects of adding synthetic millwork and trim to the exterior of the home is that these products out-perform wood in so many ways,” says Piety. “Both urethane and PVC trim are made of a closed-cell product, making them resistant to moisture and insects. Each of the pieces also resists rotting, peeling and crumbling, so once you install the garage door surround there’s virtually no maintenance required to keep it looking warm and welcoming for years to come!”


Trim it Down with Fypon® Products

            Start at the top of the home with gable vents and louvers, then make your way down with decorative millwork, window and door trim, followed by a balustrade system and porch columns. According to experts at Fypon, trimming out a house "from the top down" with low-maintenance urethane products is a growing trend for busy homeowners looking for easy-care home exteriors.

            "Today's homeowners are selecting products for the outside of the home that are long-lasting and require minimal upkeep," says Piety. "Urethane and PVC products perfectly match the needs of consumers who are looking for stylish home enhancements that resist moisture, insects, cracking, peeling, rotting and warping.

            "These products come with several finish options, including smooth, timber and stone cast, all primed and ready to paint or stain. The options encourage people to personalize their home exteriors with products that complement their home's design while reaping all the benefits of durable, low maintenance materials."

Top Down Accessories for the Home

            At the roofline of the home, Piety recommends gable vents and louvers that come in shapes (such as octagons, cathedral, triangle and oval) and sizes to fit most openings. Functional venting louvers feature corrosion-resistant screens to help keep insects out of the home and angled slates to protect interiors from rain while still encouraging ventilation.

            Fypon® window and door trim products include pilasters, pediments, crossheads and shutters that enhance key elements of the home exterior. "The windows on the front of a home gain tremendous curb appeal when accented by mouldings, a crosshead, trim and a window panel," says Piety. "Similar pieces --- plus pilasters and pediments --- can transform a ho-hum entryway into a stunning grand entrance for a home."

            To add the ultimate finishing touch to eaves and window areas on the exterior, Piety recommends incorporating brackets, dentil blocks and corbels. These pieces can be positioned under showcase window areas and on porches, and are also typically found under the roofline of a home. A trellis system installed above the garage door or a secondary entryway of the home carries through the decorative elements on the exterior.

            "One of the best uses of low-maintenance products I've seen comes when people are adding balustrade systems, column wraps and columns to a home exterior," says Piety. "These are products that in the past were made only of wood, requiring endless hours of scraping and refinishing on a regular basis. Now, with an abundance of PVC and urethane options in these product categories, homeowners can almost forget about maintenance woes. An occasional washing is all that's needed to keep these products looking fresh and new year after year."

Top Down Colors on the Home

            Since Fypon products come with a pre-primed surface ready to stain or paint, the lightweight products are an ideal way to add "top down" color to the home exterior. According to national color expert Kate Smith, author of the ebook FRESH Color Schemes for Your Home Exterior, colorful touches on accent pieces can unify the look of a home exterior.

            "Painted crossheads or pediments that sit above windows or doors can help draw the entire color palette together for a home while providing instant curb appeal," says Smith. "While white trim is always striking on a home and can be a great contrast to darker colors, you can paint mouldings, brackets, trellis systems or louvers in a wide array of colors to truly highlight your home exterior. For example, a home with an overall green palette could use cream- or driftwood-colored accent pieces. Or, a Victorian-style home could use mouldings in shades of fuchsia or purples to set off its trim.

            “There are so many wonderful color combinations that are striking on different styles of homes. The thing I really like about adding the Fypon products to the home exterior is that these are detailed, architecturally-accurate millwork pieces that give a homeowner unlimited ways to embellish a home's exterior."

            The specific home styles addressed in the FRESH Color Schemes for Your Home Exterior guide include Ranch, Colonial, Bungalow, Victorian, Spanish Mission, European and New American. Smith offers several color combinations for each style’s exterior along with tips for making homes complement their neighborhood settings. The comprehensive and colorful ebook is available for free at