Anything special I should know about storing urethane products?

Urethane products can be stored either inside or outside, but not in extreme heat. For optimum use, PL Premium Adhesive should be stored at room temperature until ready to use. Acclimate the urethane products before installation up to 10 hours.

Can I buy Fypon products direct from the company?

No, all product sales go through dealers and retail locations in your area. Call 1-800-446-3040 to find the closest Fypon dealer or retail store close to you. Or, click HERE to go to the dealer locater on the Fypon web site!



How are Fypon urethane products made?

A urethane mixture is poured or injected in a liquid state into custom molds at Fypon. Once in the molds, a chemical reaction occurs, causing the urethane to expand and quickly harden. When fully formed, the products are removed from the molds, cleaned up and given an exterior coating prior to shipment to our customers.

What are Fypon products made of?

The majority of our products are made of precision molded, high-density rigid urethane. We also offer products made of high-density, impact-resistant PVC.

Unlike the soft nature of polystyrene foam products, the Fypon products are exceptionally durable and weather-resistant.

What are some general tips you have related to installing urethane products?

First of all, know that aside from balustrades and some columns, most urethane products are for decorative use only.

Never install the product with fasteners only or with adhesive only. For best results, always use noncorrosive fasteners along with urethane base PL Premium Adhesive on the back and at all joints.

Another tip is to know that urethane mouldings are temperature sensitive. We recommend over-cutting mouldings by 1/4-inch per 10-feet of length and then spring-fitting them into place.

Finally, when you're cutting pieces of urethane moulding, turn the piece upside down and cut from the back to the front.




What if I want a woodgrain look to my mouldings, louvers or shutters?

Fypon offers an assortment of products (incluidng mouldings, louvers, shutters, beams, brackets and corbels!) with a woodgrain pattern and texture molded into the product. You can then stain or paint the product to match your color scheme.

Fypon products come double-primed, so they're ready to accept paint and stain. If you're painting, use a high quality latex paint. And, feel free to try faux painting for more decorative looks!



What type of maintenance is needed to keep Fypon products looking good once they're installed?

Very little! Fypon products are all low maintenance millwork products, making them ideal for both the interior and exterior of the home. The products resist insect infestations (including termites), decaying, splintering and humidity. The closed cell structure of Fypon products prevents water penetration and absorption, making them ideal for all types of weather conditions, including high humidity and coastal areas.



What types of products are in the Fypon line?

There are thousands of pieces in the Fypon product line. Generally, the products fall into the following categories: decorative millwork, mouldings and accessories, window trim, entrance trim, eave vents, columns, balustrade systems, louvers, PVC pieces and accessories. Click HERE to be linked to the full on-line Fypon catalog.



What's the difference between installing wood and urethane moulding products?

Urethane mouldings are somewhat temperature sensitive. We recommend over-cutting decorative mouldings by 1/4-inch per 10 feet of length. Then, spring fit the moulding as tightly as possible into your work area. We also recommend using PL Premium Adhesive on the back of urethane products and at all joints.


Why and how do people use Fypon products?

Fypon products are used to add character and beauty to both the interior and exterior of homes and commercial projects. Many homeowners use the exterior products to add "curb appeal" to their homes. On the inside, people use mouldings, ceiling medallions and wall niches to upgrade the look of a room.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, Fypon products are lightweight and easier to install than wood, plaster and other moulding products --- making Fypon products a top selection of both building professionals and consumers. Since the products are weather resistant and durable, they're ideal for both interior and exterior projects.